Three Ways to Get Prospects to Take Action NOW

There comes a time where you cannot afford to have a prospect delay a decision any further.

As much as you want them to become a client, it’s costing you time and energy you’d rather spend with paying clients.

So how do you get prospects to take action right now? Give them a reason that answers the question, “Why right now?” 

Below are three ways to do so.

Addressing Their Specific Objections

Personally, I like to refer to objections to a lack of belief in your product. If done tactfully and respectfully, you can challenge that lack of belief in a prospect.

Here’s an example how:

“Mr. Allen, I understand that you want to take more time to look over the information/think about it. But can you please tell me what specific reason are you hesitant to move forward?”

The reason for that strategy is that it acknowledges their opinion while forcing them to defend their shaky ground. After you’ve asked, stop talking and let them answer.

Depending on their answer, it’s key that your reply dispels their objection.

Show them the value of your products. Show them how they benefit them. Show them how competitors’ products do not meet their stated needs.

Give them facts that can’t be refuted. Give the reasons to believe in your product. 

Hold Them Accountable to Their Goals 

During an initial meeting, you probably asked a prospect questions to get to know them, their financial goals, and what’s stopping them from achieving them.

Then, somehow that gets lost in the back-and-forth conversation about your product.

Think back in your life when somebody held you accountable. A teacher. A coach. A boss.

It might not have been fun at the time, but they did you a favor for pushing you to work harder and invest more of yourself into achieving a goal. That’s something you might not have done without their motivation.

So instead of thinking of yourself as trying to close a sale, imagine yourself as a motivating agent.

Holding them accountable requires you to remind them of their words, their concerns and their desires. It requires you to again draw the line (perhaps more clearly) that connects what they want and how your products can make it possible.

The point isn’t to guilt prospects into buying, or to make them feel that their thinking is wrong.

Motivation requires you provide tangible incentives – proof that your product will solve their stated problems.

Provide Incentive and Utilize Scarcity

There is no need to be pushy when using urgency or scarcity. Think of each of these techniques as providing a subtle nudge.

1. Offer a discount if they make a decision within 24 hours.

2. Tell prospects that you only work with a limited number of clients per year and you’re approaching the max figure.

These two suggestions require prospects to pare down the pros and cons they are weighing and make a decision. And if done right, you’ll add a few more pros to their list.

If these techniques fail to turn a prospect into a client, you still did your job and got them to make a decision.

Be valuable.

John McCarthy
Managing Editor,

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