3 Characteristics of Highly Persuasive People

Sometimes a product is so damn good it sells itself.

But sometimes isn’t all the time. And probably more than sometimes, you feel stuck selling what may be a good product, but one that doesn’t scream “I’m awesome and you know it!”

That puts the onus on you–  business owner, sales agent, consultant. Whatever your title, the role is about the same thing – persuading a prospect to buy.

This article doesn’t focus on how you can sell a particular product. Rather, it’s about how to be a more persuasive person in general. The ultimate effect of being more persuasive is the ability to sell any products and services.

These three skills and characteristics are nearly uniform in people with people who can effectively influence the thinking of others.

1. Highly Persuasive People are Effective Communicators

How you communicate your message makes a huge difference in whether people choose to agree with it.

It’s a rare skill to truly convey your message to all kinds of people (gender, race, color, religion, age) in a way they each uniquely understand it.

Doing so requires you to do any of the following (and some simultaneously): Simplify a complex concept or product, provide examples and metaphors that they understand, and accent your message with inviting nonverbal cues and communication.

Speaking effectively, as you know, is only one component to communicating effectively. Listening is just as important, if not more important.

I’m talking about really listening – listening with your complete attention, listening with your eyes, and listening with your body language.

Listening is not waiting for your turn to talk. And of course, listening is not interrupting a prospect in mid-sentence.

2. Highly Persuasive People are Honest and Have a Reputation for Integrity

A person’s reputation will persuade others opinions positively without there ever being a meeting between the two.

If that wasn’t true, then Angie’s List wouldn’t be in business.

There is a direct correlation in your ability to persuade people and your reputation for being honest, professional and ethical.

Sure, somebody can sell products by spewing complete fabrications, but that doesn’t make them persuasive. They may have convinced somebody to buy, but the story ends with a client’s trust betrayed.

And when a client’s trust is betrayed, they go to Angie’s List and rat the dishonest creep out!

3. Highly Persuasive People Have a Balanced Appearance

I wish I could say that a person’s appearance doesn’t influence what others think of them, but we live in a very superficial world.

How you present yourself and the surroundings you work in creates an experience that very much impacts the decision of a prospect.

Perhaps it’s more true to say that looking good isn’t positively persuasive as much as appearing unkempt is negatively persuasive.

I recall a particular college professor that was one of the smartest people I’ll ever meet. However, he was also one of the most disheveled people.

On the first day of class, many of us saw him and immediately took what he said with a grain of skepticism – not because we disagreed with his words, but because his hair was everywhere, his clothes smelled unwashed, his briefcase was exploding, etc.

I admit it took me a few weeks before I could begin taking the guy seriously.

I doubt anybody reading this lets themselves go to that level, but nobody is above having a wardrobe and office audit.

Be valuable.

John McCarthy
Managing Editor, Leads4Insurance.com

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