Should Life Insurance Be on Your Clients’ Agendas for 2019?

With 2019 now in full swing, there are many people who are moving forward with making good on their New Year’s resolutions – and for a large majority of people, these goals will oftentimes include bettering their financial situation. With that in mind, for most any financial plan to be complete, it should include at least some amount of life insurance.

So, why is it that so many people are still under-insured (or not insured at all)?

One of the biggest reasons is because people typically don’t want to think about how things will be after they’re gone. Yet, while this is certainly understandable, the reality is that, due to unanticipated illnesses and accidents, the unthinkable can and does happen – regardless of one’s current age or health condition. And because of that, loved ones should always be protected financially…just in case.

Why Most People Need Life Insurance

There are actually any number of reasons why life insurance should be included in an individual’s overall portfolio. This is the case for both married and single people, as well as whether or not a person has dependents.

For instance, according to, the average price of a funeral in 2018 cost between $7,000 and $10,000. This amount typically includes the tab for a viewing and burial, as well as the memorial service, and transportation.

Because many people don’t have this amount of excess cash readily available – or if they do, the funds are typically earmarked for other needs – having life insurance proceeds can lift a substantial amount of financial burden from the shoulders of a deceased’s loved ones.

There are other reasons why life insurance should be considered, too. One of the most common uses of this financial tool is income replacement. While this is crucial for those who have a non-working spouse or partner and / or young children who depend upon their income, there are other situations where life insurance funds could be used.

For instance, if a home mortgage has been secured based on more than one person’s income, a survivor could end up losing the home if he or she should suddenly be faced with paying the entire amount on their own.

Those who are retired could also be in need of life insurance – even if their children are grown and their mortgage has long been paid off. In this case, for instance, a bulk of retirement income for a couple could be based on just one of the spouses or partners. And, if that partner were to pass away – and the income were to suddenly disappear – the survivor could be faced with some dire financial consequences.

How to Find Prospects for Life Insurance

Providing life insurance coverage for those who need it starts with locating the right prospects. But as most life insurance professionals know all too well, this can often be much easier said than done.

This is where we can help.

If you’d like to generate an ongoing and steady stream of life insurance prospects – and in turn, earn thousands of additional commission dollars each month – give us a call at 1-800-643-6143 today and learn how thousands of insurance professionals are already benefitting from this program.

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