“How Any Insurance Agent Or Financial Advisor Can Add An Extra $5,000- $25,000 Per Month To Their Existing Business

With Absolutely NO Cold Calling, Hard Selling,
Or Begging For Referrals!”

Dear Fellow Financial Professional,

In the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal to you exactly how insurance agents and financial advisors like Tim Austin and John Tillman went from average incomes of $3,755 a month to average incomes of $23,855 per month within 6-12 months using a breakthrough new insurance marketing information system.

What I’m about to share with you are the exact strategies and techniques that over 10,287 agents and advisors from around the country are using to quietly add thousands of dollars each month to their existing businesses with absolutely no cold-call prospecting.

This breakthrough new insurance marketing information system reveals the exact strategies and techniques are the exact same ones I’ve personally used over the past 20+ years to attract thousands of new clients to my own business.

In this Report, I’ll reveal, for the first time ever

  • How to eliminate cold calling and instead have motivated ready-to-act clients call you…
  • How to earn revenue for every client regardless of whether or not they purchase financial products or services…
  • How to generate a steady stream of unsolicited referrals from satisfied clients, CPAs, attorneys and other financial professions…
  • How to get clients to divulge their entire financial situation to you within 15 minutes of meeting with them…
  • How to have clients actually ASK YOU to move their savings and investments into high commission insurance & financial products…


Everything you’ll discover in this Special Report is based on thousands of hours of real-world “in the trenches” experience.

The strategies and techniques I’m going to reveal often defy “conventional” wisdom about how to sell insurance and financial services. Many of them are the exact opposite of what you’ve been taught at industry seminars and by most other insurance marketing information systems.

Which is exactly why they work so well-when you use them, you’ll have virtually NO COMPETITION because you’ll be doing things differently than every other agent and financial advisor in your area.

Before we get into the “nitty-gritty”details of the exact strategies agents and advisors around the country are now using to make incomes ranging from $150,000-$1,4 million, per year, I’d like to discuss the 6 biggest mistakes most insurance agents and financial advisors make that prevent them from generating an automatic six-figure income and…

How To Avoid Them!

Understanding these 6 critical mistakes will help you avoid being confused or misled by the majority of ineffective prospecting and marketing advice that has flooded our industry — and it will show YOU exactly what to do to start earning a consistent six-figure income while working only 30-hours a week.

So, without further ado, here are…

“The 6 Biggest Mistakes That Prevent Most Insurance Agents And Financial Advisors From Making A Six-Figure Income—And How You Can Avoid Them”


“Trying To Sell FUTURE Needs Instead Of Immediate Needs”

presenterThis is probably THE biggest mistake almost every insurance agent and financial advisor is making. You’ve probably been taught to explain to your prospects how they’ll be covered in the event that someone dies or becomes disabled sometime in the future. Or you’ve been told to try to paint a picture of how important it is to be saving for retirement, and how a few dollars a month invested into an annuity or retirement plan will result in a nice guaranteed nest egg in 20 years.

All of these things are true, but they’re extremely difficult to sell because they’re FUTURE needs, not immediate ones. There is no compelling reason for your prospect do something today, instead of tomorrow.

Almost every person these days has a very shortterm perspective on life. The only thing prospects really want to buy is something that will satisfy their IMMEDIATE needs.

If they get hurt, they’ll pay a doctor to heal them. If they get sued, they’ll pay a lawyer to keep them out of jail. That’s why doctors and lawyers can be some of the absolute worst marketers in the world and STILL make very nice incomes — they are selling IMMEDIATE needs.

Most likely, you’ve been taught to try to get around this problem by creating a false sense of urgency. Managers and trainers tell you to create urgency by using all the standard “objection handling” techniques and canned closes that never worked very well in the past and certainly don’t work for today’s skeptical prospects.

Fortunately, the way to avoid this critical mistake is quite simple. All you have to do is offer your prospects a product or service which satisfies one of their most pressing IMMEDIATE needs. In just a few minutes, I’ll show you exactly how to do just that- but right now, let’s go on to the second biggest mistake that keeps most insurance agents and financial advisors from earning a six-figure income…


“Being A ‘Jack Of All Trades’ And Master Of None”

Many agents and advisors seem to think that the more designations they get and the more product knowledge they acquire, the more money they’ll make. Nothing could be further from the truth.


It doesn’t matter how good an agent or advisor you are, how well you know your products, or what designations you have, you’ll eventually go broke if you don’t have a steady stream of new prospects to talk to…


frustrated-guyTherefore, the most important skill you can ever master as an insurance agent or financial advisor is MARKETING. If you know how to get your phone to consistently ring with qualified prospects who are motivated and ready to take action right now, you’ll make a substantial income, even if you have far less product knowledge or experience than many of your peers.

Advisor Tim Austin, who’s now making over $1.4 million a year in sales, loves to tell the story of how he learned the importance of this principle by watching the movie “City Slickers.” In the movie, they kept talking about the “one thing.” He says the real key to succeeding in the financial services industry is to have your own “one thing.”

In other words, the “one thing” that makes you stand head and shoulders above every other agent and advisor in your area. In our SET for College Funding Success™ System, we call this your “USP”, which stands for Unique Selling Proposition- it is the “one thing” that attracts prospects to you and makes them want to do business with you, rather than anyone else.

For Tim Austin, his “one thing” is offering college funding services in addition to insurance and financial services — no one else in his area helps parents save money on college tuition, like he does. This makes him totally unique and gives prospects a reason to do business with him, instead of any other agent or advisor in his area. Then, once he’s developed a relationship with his new client and saved them thousands of dollars on college tuition, he can offer them his insurance and financial planning services.

This formula works extremely well — Tim closes nearly 90% of the prospects he meets with and he’s even had prospects drive 100 miles just to see him! We’ll talk more about Tim later, but for now, let’s move on to…


“Not Charging Fees In Addition To Commissions”

fees-commission-happy-galThis is a huge mistake! You provide your clients with an extremely valuable service and you should be paid for your time and expertise. In other words, you should be charging fees in addition to your commissions. Many agents and advisors are concerned that by charging fees they will have compliance or FINRA issues. This would be true if you were charging a fee for “investment advice.” But in a moment, I’ll explain how you CAN charge a fee for a consulting service that has nothing to do with financial products or services.

This does two important things for your insurance or financial services business:

First, it prevents clients from wasting your time and makes sure that you’re paid very handsomely every time you meet with a client.

Second, it suddenly transforms you from an “unwanted salesman” to a “trusted advisor” in the eyes of your prospects. If your prospect knows you only make money by selling him products, he’ll be suspicious of every recommendation you ever make. If, however, the prospect has hired you as his “advisor”, he’ll hang on every word you say and be far more likely to go forward with your suggestions.

Let me give you an example to illustrate what I mean:

Have you ever heard of a doctor saying, “You know, you really should get that open heart surgery, and I’ll tell you what, I won’t charge you a dime to do the surgery, but if you live through it, you have to pay me a $10,000 commission!”

Of course not — that’s because Doctors have learned this lesson well. They provide a valuable service, and so they charge fees to compensate for their time and expertise. You’re like a “financial doctor” for your clients. The services you provide are at least as valuable as a doctor and you should be paid accordingly.

The most common reason most agents and advisors tell me they’re not charging fees is that they believe they need to be a registered investment advisor or have some sort of additional license to charge fees in addition to commissions. If you were offering investment advice, this would certainly be true. But it requires NO additional license for you to get paid a fee for offering other types of advice or services, such as the college funding services that Michael Berlau and many other successful agents and advisors are now offering.

Later in this Report, I’ll show you an easy way to immediately start offering services you can charge fees for, but for now, let’s go on to the next biggest mistake most agents and advisors are making…


“Focusing Only On Large Ticket Sales To Narrowly Defined Target Markets Like Seniors”

bullseyeThis one is almost absurd — yet many agents and advisors are making this critical mistake right now. It seems like almost every day, someone calls our office and the conversation invariably goes something like this:

“I only sell to retirees with net worth’s of at least $2,000,000 who will meet with me on Tuesday during the day.”

“Really? That’s great. Sounds like you’ve really got your target market defined. So how many of those prospects did you meet with this week?”

“This week? Geez, I only see about one of them every month, but when I sell them, I make $10,000 in first year target premium.”

“That’s nice- so how long does it take you to sell one of them?”

“Oh, about six months.”

Don’t make this mistake.

You must get to clients before they’re ready to retire. If you don’t, they will already be working with another agent or advisor.

Successful agents and advisors do small deals regularly to provide them with a steady income and build up some momentum so when they do have the chance to sell the “big one,” they’re not so burned out from months of rejection and low income that they miss their big chance.

In a moment, I’ll show you the best way to consistently get at least one new client every single day, but now I want to move on to…


“Not Selling To A Starving Crowd”

wrong-target-audienceHave you ever heard the story about two brothers who were going to open a hamburger stand. It illustrates this principle perfectly:

It seems the two brothers were quite competitive, and so they had a bet on who… could make the most money from their hamburger stand. The younger brother, George, told Ned that he could have any advantage he wanted for his own hamburger stand.

Ned thought for a minute and said, “All right- I want the best hamburgers in town.”

“Fine,” George said, “Your hamburgers will be better than mine. Now what other advantage would you like?”

“I want the cleanest, nicest-looking restaurant in the entire state.”

“Fine,” George said, “Your restaurant will be the best around. What other advantage would you like?”

“I want the friendliest, best waitresses.”

“No problem. What other advantage do you want?”

“I want the best location for my hamburger stand.”

“You got it- the best location is yours.”

By this time Ned was feeling a bit smug about winning their bet. After all, George had given him every advantage he wanted, so there was no way he could lose.

So when George said, “I would like to have one thing for my hamburger stand, though…”

Ned gladly obliged: “Anything you want, you got it.”

George couldn’t help but smile: “The only thing I want for my hamburger stand is a starving crowd inside it!”

And then he went on to win the bet by a landslide.

So what’s that story got to do with selling insurance and financial services?


Even if you do EVERYTHING else right in your insurance or financial services business, if you make the one mistake of not selling to a “starving crowd,” your income will be mediocre at best.

Many of the agents and advisors I talk to are trying to sell seniors or other similar high net worth markets. They assume that just because these people have money, they’re automatically good prospects for insurance and financial services.

Nothing could be further from the truth:

Seniors have already had 20-30 of their prime earning years to develop relationships with OTHER insurance agents and financial advisors. They are most definitely NOT a “starving crowd” and they’re actually one of the toughest markets to sell to, not the easiest.

Let’s go back to one of the examples I talked about earlier with doctors.

Why do you think doctors make so much money? It’s definitely NOT because they’re good salespeople or marketers. In fact, they’re some of the absolute worst around. Yet their waiting rooms are always packed with people wanting to see them.

Have you ever thought about what they’re doing that you’re not? They’re marketing to a starving crowd. If you’re sick, you’ll gladly wait all afternoon and pay whatever fee your doctor charges. If you have a heart attack, you don’t negotiate fees with your doctor and you don’t postpone your date for open-heart surgery because there was something else you’d rather do that day. No, you march right into the doctor’s office, tell them to schedule you right away, and in most cases, never even ask what the doctor charges to do the procedure.

Why? At that point, you have an “immediate need” and you’ll do whatever it takes to get your problem fixed.

To be a successful insurance agent or financial advisor in the new millennium, you must find your own “starving crowd” and offer them whatever it takes to immediately satisfy their hunger. Unfortunately, because insurance and financial services are at best a future need, it’s tough to find a “starving crowd” of prospects for your products and services.

That’s why you need to turn the tables on your prospects and offer them services which satisfy their most pressing IMMEDIATE needs before you ever offer them insurance or financial products. This strategy quickly turns even your lukewarm prospects into a “starving crowd”.

Now I want to show you…


“Doing The Same Things Over & Over Expecting a Different Result”

This is the definition of insanity! It’s almost like being a gerbil in a wheel that just keeps spinning around and around. The gerbil can’t seem to figure out that if it just hopped off the wheel, it would actually go someplace.

The ininsanity-4surance and financial services industry, if anyone has got their eyes open, is changing lightning fast. There has been repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which allows banks and other institutions to market financial services directly to their clients. If you think about it, these businesses have existing relationships with these people, which is definitely an unfair advantage over you.

The Internet is another issue. There are tons of quotation services that are doing a good job of commoditizing the insurance and financial services industry. Basically, consumers can just jump online, type in what they’re looking for and compare prices between 50 or 100 different companies. In a matter of seconds, they can pinpoint the best rate. So if you’re selling on price or product alone, you’re going to have a real tough time at it in today’s environment.

Banks, CPAs and large brokerage houses are trying to leverage their existing relationships with their clients—and if you don’t differentiate yourself from these people and create a magnetic client attraction system, you’re either going to go out of business or be seriously hurting in the next 5 to 10 years.

What you need to do is find something that allows you to fly in under the radar and attract clients to something that is magnetic, such as College Funding. You get that initial sale and generate an initial relationship that opens the door to those long-term planning opportunities.

How To Correct These Six Critical Mistakes
and Add an Extra $5,000 to $25,000 of Income
Every Month To Your Existing Business:

I know that sounds like a lofty promise—and I can understand why you may be skeptical, thinking this sounds too good to be true. But I assure you it’s not.

I started offering our College Funding Client Attraction System to insurance agents and financial advisors and CPAs all over the country over 20 years ago, and I’m happy to report that we now have more than 10,000 members across the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, using our proprietary SET for College Funding Success™ System.

Any insurance agent or financial advisor can use this system to realistically generate a six-figure income in the shortest amount of time… with the least amount of risk… and for the lowest possible investment of time and energy.

We’ve now taught more than 10,287 advisors from all over the country how to accomplish this using a proprietary 4-phase marketing process. The information I’m about to share with you is not being taught by any of the industry seminars, trade journals or top sales trainers.

So let’s begin with phase #1 of this 4-phase process…

Phase #1:
Create an Urgency-Based Marketing System.

As I mentioned earlier, you have to market to a starving crowd with a preexisting need. You must be able to resolve a pressing problem for them so you don’t have to artificially create urgency.

Each year, more than 5 million families have to figure out how they’re going to send their children to college. Knowing that many colleges and universities charge anywhere from $23,000 to $45,000 or more per year these days, how are these families going to pay for tuition, fees, books, room and board, living expenses?

To make matters worse, most of these families have two, three or more children. It could literally end up costing a family hundreds of thousands of dollars before they’re done.

If that’s not a pressing problem, I don’t know what is.

Many of these folks have children who are college bound—and it’s a perfect segue way into that marketplace since these people have not solidified their advisor relationships yet.

These families are desperate for help, and they’re willing to pay a fair fee for the advice. To top it off, they’re extremely easy to find and target. This group is nothing like the more elusive markets—such as seniors or high net worth individuals, where you literally have to plod through tons of mailing lists and unqualified prospects to find a couple of flecks of gold in the avalanche.

Plus, in the College Funding industry, there are specific lists of college bound students and their parents. It’s extremely easy to target and to find these people with virtually no weigh circulation.

One of the best aspects of this marketplace is this:

It replenishes itself every single year. In other words, 5 million new students will head to college this year, and another batch of 5 million new students will head to college next year, and the year after that and the year after that. This process will continue, year after year, as long as colleges exist.

Which leads me to phase #2 of this 4-phase marketing process…

Phase #2:
Set Up a Fee-Based Advisory Selling System.

Once you’ve created an urgency based marketing system, you’ll also want to set up a fee-based advisory selling system. Earlier I mentioned that much like a doctor, financial advisors should charge fees in addition to commissions. Why? Because people will value the advice you give them and you no longer end up working for free. You’re like a “financial doctor” for your clients. The services you provide are at least as valuable as a doctor’s, and you should be paid accordingly.

A lot of you might be concerned that charging fees would violate FINRA or compliance regulations—and that would be true if you’re charging a fee for investment advice only and you don’t have an RIA designation. However, it is not true if you’re charging a fee for consulting advice. This has absolutely nothing to do with investments.

Most of our advisors charge anywhere from $1,595 to upwards of $2,495, upfront, for their time alone and advice. Then, they schedule a separate appointment entirely to discuss each of their client’s insurance or financial planning needs.

As long as you keep these two activities separate and you let your clients know that you’re only going to be charging a fee for your College Funding advice—not your investment advice—you are permitted to charge fees.

Think about it: How many days do you schedule 12 appointments and end up making 1 or 2 sales…if you’re lucky? How many hours upon hours upon hours do you waste with those prospects, allowing them to control your schedule? It’s time to put those days behind you.

As soon as you start charging a fee because you realize people value your time, your opinion and your expert advice…life changes. Life changes in a lot of ways. All of a sudden, you take back control of your time. You can demand the hours that you want to work and schedule your own business hours, much like a doctor or a dentist.

However, keep this in mind: When you consider charging a fee, a lot of people who are securities licensed, insurance licensed or life licensed might try to tell you that you can’t do it. I’m not sure what it is…maybe it’s because many of us are brainwashed from the beginning that we can’t charge a fee unless we have an RIA or are governed by FINRA. Or maybe it’s because your broker/dealer has you so scared, you feel you can’t charge a fee.

But this is simply not true. One of our members, Tim, is with one of the largest broker/dealers in the world, and he does not have an RIA. Tim is a Series 6, 63 and 7, and he charges fees for his time consulting under his College Funding business. How does he do it? He is approved as an outside business activity.

When you’re ready to start charging a fee, this is all you have to do: Fill out an outside business activity form with your broker/dealer. Then submit the materials that are included in Brian Kay’s SET For College Funding™ Success System.

That’s exactly what Tim did, and his broker/dealer approved him to set up his College Funding business as an outside business practice and charge fees for his College Funding consulting. And he is not in any violation whatsoever of any FINRA rules or regulations.

That’s because Tim is not under that College Funding company. We are not talking about any specific mutual fund advice or investment advice—absolutely no fi nancial planning type of advice underneath that company at all. That is something that you set up as a different appointment and then you introduce your investment company.

You have to make that transition simply by asking the client after you’ve charged the fee, “When I am going through your financial information, if there are areas of your overall financial plan that you can improve on, would you like to know about them?”

As soon as the client answers yes to that question, that is when you introduce your financial planning company. “Great. When we get back together, we’ll be getting back together under my investment planning company, and I’ll be happy to go through those solutions with you.” This is not a bait and switch. This is exactly how FINRA allows you to have a College Funding business and a financial planning company. As long as they understand these are two separate companies with two separate services, then you are absolutely fine.

To recap:


We’ve covered Phase #1, which is establishing urgency based marketing. Then we discussed Phase #2: How to set up a fee based advisory service selling system, so you’re getting paid for your time and prospecting upfront.

That’s the beauty of a system like this: You’re actually getting paid for your prospecting before you get to the long-term planning.


And that leads us to the third phase of this marketing process…

Phase #3:
Create a Door-Opener to Insurance or Financial Services.

For years and years, our industry has been making a major mistake: Most agents and advisors start their relationships by selling product like life insurance, annuities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. These agents and advisors, as well as the companies that teach them to take this approach, believe prospects are looking the best product from the most respected company at the best price—so that’s all you have to offer.

Based on years and years of observing the real world, I can comfortably tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t care if people are buying financial services, a new car, braces for their kid or any other product or service, they all have two things in common:

1. They are all buying solutions to problems that they have.

2. They all want relationships.

People do not want to buy products. They want to buy solutions to their problems.

Keeping that in mind, you have to start out by offering prospects a solution to their most pressing problems. You also need to create rapport and develop a relationship with them. This is naturally going to translate to helping these people with their insurance and overall financial planning needs.

So what solution can you offer that solves a pressing problem for these prospects? By offering College Funding services—which is an excellent door opener.

When you offer College Funding services, people meet with you one-on-one or they attend a College Funding workshop. Normally, these folks would not be so eager to meet with you. If you sat down and tried to go directly at these prospects with insurance or fi nancial services, their radar would go off alerting them that you’re trying to sell them something. But this is not the way people react when you approach them with a solution to their college financing problems.

Typically, families will be happy to sit down and divulge their entire financial situation to you within the first 15 minutes of a meeting. Why do they do this? Because they understand that’s the only way you, the advisor, can help them determine what to do about their College Funding issue.You need to know how much they earn, where their savings are, what investments they have, how much insurance coverage they currently have, how much their home is worth, etc.

As soon as these folks realize you can help them send their children to college without having to drain their life savings, it automatically bonds them to you—which is such an incredibly important concept.

There is nothing that works better in a selling relationship than having prospects and clients bond with you before you even introduce products and services in the realm of long-term planning. Once that bond is formed, your positioning is no longer as a sales person—but a trusted advisor.

Now a lot of the gurus in this industry pay lip service to becoming a trusted advisor vs. being a pushy salesperson. But I have not seen any of these folks give advisors a clear step-by-step system to accomplish this. That’s because they’re basically still teaching you to go in as a product salesperson, but they’re simply masking it by calling it a “trusted advisor system.” But pushing products is not the way to transform into a trusted advisor.

Studies show that most people have the highest level of trust in relationships with their CPA. Why is that the case? Because these accountants aren’t starting out as product salespeople. Instead, they’re solving a problem—primarily resolving tax issues for their clients—and they’re bonding to their clients. This is something you need to do to be successful in any business, but especially this one.

Once you’ve gotten in the door through College Funding, you’re going to ask clients that hundred thousand dollar question:

“If while I’m reviewing your information I discover anything that could help your overall financial situation, would you like me to tell you about it on our next appointment?”

When you ask this question, virtually every client will answer yes. You just received permission from this prospect to address their insurance needs, their retirement planning needs, their 401(k) rollovers, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, positioning is the key to becoming successful in this business. That’s why you want to take a door-opening approach to offering insurance and financial services.

Which leads me to the final phase in the 4-phase marketing process…

Phase #4:
Generate Referrals & Renewals through the RX Squared Exponential Growth System.

If you’ve been in this business for any period of time, you understand the importance of a good referral and customer retention strategy. Unfortunately, very few advisors have a proven system or strategy for maximizing these crucial business skills.

The reality is that there are very few people who run around and say to their friends, “You know I’ve got the absolute greatest insurance salesman in the world. You’ve just got to give him a call and meet with him.” Therefore, most agents and advisors are forced to resort to pushy referral tactics by saying things like, “I get paid in two ways.” Or, “Who else do you know who could use an insurance policy?” Or, “Do you know anyone else who’d like to protect their life savings or their children?”

Those types of referral strategies are extremely outdated. They absolutely turn people off, and it ends up yielding very few, if any, referrals. Typically, what ends up happening is most advisors simply give up and stop asking for referrals. And that truly is a shame because the easiest and quickest way to grow your business is through referrals and renewals.

The majority of your new business should come from referrals and renewals. If that’s not the way your business is set up, if you are constantly tied to spending money on cold-calling techniques or new marketing tactics, then there is a problem in the core way that you’re setting up your business.

Be honest with yourself. Does this sound like you? If so, it’s time to focus on creating a front-end service that’s a magnet like College Funding, which automatically has a high built-in referrability factor.

If you think about it, parents, guidance counselors, CPAs, lawyers and other respected community members naturally want to tell people about their source for how to pay for college without going broke. Because College Funding is such a prevalent problem, it’s extremely easy to get these people and clients to invite friends, relatives, classmates or co-workers to a free College Funding workshop. At the bare minimum, they would definitely be willing to refer these people for a free monthly College Funding newsletter.

College Funding is something that families automatically have to apply for, for a minimum of four consecutive years. Remember, most families have two to three children, which means you could potentially have these people as clients for the next 12 consecutive years, if not longer. So if you do a good job for them in the first year, you’re automatically going to renew most of these folks year after year.

And you can easily charge people renewal fees in the range of $300 to $500 per year, maybe even higher, depending on the member. This also gives you an excellent opportunity to conduct an annual review of these clients’ insurance and financial needs.

College Funding offers built-in referrals, built-in renewals and built-in urgency; and all these things make the selling and marketing process a million times easier.

Many of the advisors reading this are probably excellent salespeople and pretty darn good marketers—but you’ve been going about trying to sell products that do not have urgency, referrability and renewability built into that process. Without those three things, I don’t care how good you are at everything else; you are truly fighting an uphill battle.

Here’s How You Can Add Extra Income Every Month to
Your Existing Business with Absolutely NO Cold Calling:

When you join our exclusive system, you’ll have everything you need to profit from the rapid growth occurring in the college funding market.

My team and I have taken the most powerful strategies we’ve developed over the last 20+ years and turned them into a step-by-step turn-key prospecting and marketing system.

We’ve personally tested and used every single strategy we share with you, so we KNOW they work.

Our members are making as much as $25,000 a month using this system. If you’re ready to join us, and start earning as much as $5,000 to $25,000+ a month on top of what you’re earning right now, we can have you up and running with your first paying client in the next 14 days.

You might be asking, “Is this a course? Is this a mentorship program? Is it a Done 4 You system?

Is it a Mastermind Program or is it a live event?” The answer is it’s none of those individual things; it’s more like all five rolled up into one.

It’s a course, it’s a mentorship program, it’s a Done 4 You system, and it’s also an elite training program for advisors who want to make the quantum leap in your business.

Let me explain how it works:

As soon as you join, you’ll gain access to an online learning portal where you can learn any time of the day or night without travel. This portal has includes our complete 5-Step Success System Online. You can watch the videos in the portal or you can download them to a tablet, smartphone or a laptop so you can learn any time you’re on-the-go.

This system includes the following five learning modules:

Module #1:
Urgency Based Marketing Solution

From this day forward, you are done with those gut-wrenching cold calls, pushy sales techniques and begging for referrals. Instead, you’re going to discover:

  • How to attract a never-ending stream of high quality clients and families who desperately need your help to solve their most pressing problem: paying for college.
  • The exact process for consistently attracting 15-20 highly qualified, highly motivated prospects with funds to your office month after month, week after week like clockwork.
  • How to pull all this together without having to become a College Funding expert or even a Marketing expert.
  • A step-by-step guide through our turnkey Done 4 You System that has cost our organization more than $2 million over the last two decades to test, develop and perfect.

This module alone is a $1,500 value

Module #2:
Workshop Speaking Solution

In this second module, you’re going to discover the Workshop Speaking Solution, even for advisors who literally hate public speaking. Whether you love public speaking or hate it, it doesn’t matter. This module will reveal:

  • Fundamentals for how to leverage your time and create a surge of highly qualified prospects who will eagerly come to your office.
  • A detailed overview of what you can do at your workshop to instantly be recognized as THE College Funding expert in your area.
  • How to set the tone for the entire event within the first minute of the workshop.
  • Top producers’ secrets for getting a minimum of half the room to book appointments with you on the spot—even if you’re a terrible speaker.

This valuable training is the culmination of more than 1,100 College Funding Seminars conducted, analyzed and perfected.

This module is a $2,500 value

Module #3:
Trusted Consultant Selling Solution

In this module, you’ll discover the specifics of how to get paid fees of $1,500 to $4,000 per client. We’ll show you:

  • How to help families navigate the college admissions and college funding process without hearing, “I need to think it over.”
  • How you’ll never have to do any of the heavy lifting yourself.
  • A turn-key, step-by-step diagram for how to take a prospect through a 1-hour process that instantly puts an average of $3,000 into your pocket.
  • A simple 10-Step process for how to run a free consultation that’s completely scalable, repeatable and that you can project your earnings on.
  • 100 different questions you can ask to get parents to decide to pay your fee while they’re sitting in front of you.
  • A 3-step formula to avoid the dreaded, “I need to think it over,” objection.
  • How to position your service to make it seem like your College Funding services is a screaming deal at $3,000.

This module took 700 sales presentations to perfect, all tested inside of the College Funding niche. We don’t believe there’s a finer or more specific training that you can receive in this area, period.

It's all Yours at $2,500 for this module

Module #4:
SET 4 College Funding Solution

In this module, you’ll learn how to build your entire College Funding Empire without ever having to fulfill the service for yourself. Discover how to:

  • Have a team of trained College Admission and Financial Aid professionals who do all the work for you.
  • Focus on what you do best: Helping families solve their college funding cash flow and ultimately their retirement problem.
  • How to set the tone for the entire event within the first minute of the workshop.
  • Top producers’ secrets for getting a minimum of half the room to book appointments with you on the spot—even if you’re a terrible speaker.

This module is the secret sauce to how our advisors meet with fewer people but make more money, giving them more free time for their families and hobbies.

Module #5:
SET 4 Life Solution

In this fifth and final module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Help families guarantee their hard-earned savings will be there when they need it most.
  • Which financial service solutions work best for the college planning marketplace.
  • How to professionally and ethically uncover which assets a family has available and exactly what savings and investments they can use to fund their plans.
  • A word-for-word script on how to run a “SET 4 Life” Discover Appointment so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Module 5

We’ll show you how to present your solution so clients are literally begging you for your help by the time you’re done. This is a time-tested proven process that we’ll share in complete detail. It’s also your key to as much as $10,000 for just a few hours of your time and effort.

All of this priceless information is delivered through our Online Members Only area. That means as soon as you join, you can get started immediately and be up and running with your first paying client in the next 14 days or less.

There’s nothing to ship, nothing to wait for, nothing to hold you back. It’s all there right now.

Now, I assume that you are not looking for a fly-by-night opportunity, but a strong, long-term plan that will pay you what you deserve. So to help you get there I’m also going to include the following success accelerators for long-term growth:


Free Bonus #1

Access to a “QUICK START” Advisor

Once you activate your online membership, you’re going to gain immediate access to a Quick Start Advisor from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday quick-start-arrowEST. We’ll give you this private Members Only number that you can use as long as you need Coaching help.

Our Quick Start Team will help walk you through the entire program, and they’re going to be there when you have any pressing questions, challenges or you just simply need some help. The Quick Start specialist team has a combined 20 years of experience and training in this program and they’ve mentored more than 400 agents and advisors in every state. They’ve seen pretty much every situation and they are incredibly helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

There are no time limits as to how long you can speak to them. You can call as often as you like as long as you’re part of the SET for College Funding™ Success Online System. It’s like having a private coach there to help you get launched.

This is a $500 value per month.

Free Bonus #2

Five-Week Group Training & Brianstorming Call

As you start reviewing our online materials, you’re going to want to move from just surface knowledge to a Mastery level of understanding. To guarantee that you get there, you are brainstormingimmediately invited to a five-week group training and brainstorming call.

Each week, beginning with the week that you start, you’ll have access to a tele-training session where we are going to walk you through each and every module. We’ll take you by the hand and delve deeper into the road map for college funding success. This is where you’re going to get insights and learn some new tricks, tips and strategies directly from the field that’s working right now.

This is a $500 value per month.

Free Bonus #3

Marketing Breakthroughs Newsletter

breakthroughAs you move beyond your first five weeks, we’re going to want you to become the most successful College Funding Producer you can be in this program. So you’ll instantly receive a 12-month subscription to our highly acclaimed, members only, monthly Marketing Breakthrough Newsletter.

We’ll reveal the latest marketing strategies that are working for top producers all across the country. In this newsletter, there’s not any fluff. No hype. Just proven, in-the-trenches strategies and techniques that work in the real world for real producers just like you.

In this impactful newsletter, we’re going to show you how to:

  • Keep your business on the fast track.
  • Fine-tune your presentation.
  • Squeeze every single ounce of profit out of every opportunity.

Chances are slim that you’re going to be able to uncover all of the valuable insights that are contained each issue of the newsletter on your own.

Our research team and I devote countless hours to analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing and testing the strategies that I’ll reveal to you each and every month in the Marketing Breakthrough Newsletter.

This bonus is worth $97 a month.

Free Bonus #4

Member’s Only Forummembers-only-2

It’s always extremely beneficial to network with other advisors that are doing exactly what you are doing and be able to share in an open, non-competitive environment. So the moment you register you’re going to receive 24 hour a day, 7 days a week access to our online Member’s Only Forum, where you can:

  • Network and share ideas.
  • Make powerful friendships, partnerships and alliances with other members from all across the country.
  • Swap tips and tricks to help you grow your practice as quickly as possible.

This forum is moderated by our business-building coaches, so every topic stays on track and adds
value to your business.

This bonus is a $300 value.

Free Bonus #5

Elite Training Event

I’m a huge believer that live events can take you from where you are to a Mastery level of skill.

That’s why we’ve included an invitation to an elite training event where you can:

  • Meet other top producing advisors from across the country who are succeeding in a huge way with this system.
  • Hear the latest and greatest trends, advice and tips.
  • Make new friends that will last you a lifetime.

This bonus is a $1,595 value.

Free Bonus #6

Top Producer Confidential Interviews

audioThroughout the year, we’re going to send you confidential interviews with new members who have hit the six and even seven-figure level. Due to the success of this program, we’re always creating new success stories which we want to share with you immediately.

This is going to help you learn new distinctions, gain insight into new strategies and get charged up for your new best business pathway. I always get really pumped when I hear these stories—and I know you’re going to feel the exact same way.

Each interview is conservatively valued at $250.

With a minimum of six interviews a year,that’s a $1,500 value total.


That adds up to more than $11,000 in bonuses
you’ll receive if you become a member…
On top
of the $7,000 value of the program for the entire year.

However, you’re not going to pay anything near that amount because I want to remove every single barrier to help you work less, make more, and have more free time with your family and your loved ones.

Membership in the SET for College Funding™ Success Online System is normally $79 a month with a 12-month commitment. But we’re offering an extra $40 off of the normal monthly membership fees for the SET for College Funding™ Success system if you become a member before midnight,…

That means membership is only going to cost you $39 a month with absolutely no commitment

Not only will you receive this rock-bottom rate, but you can literally cancel at any time. You’ll gain access to $7,000 worth of online membership benefits and modules plus $11,000 in bonuses. There’s absolutely no long-term contract. This is purely on a month to month basis.

What we want to do is remove every barrier so anyone who wants to dip a toe in the water here can become a member and use our college funding success system.


It also comes with a 100% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

What you’re gaining access to is a six or even seven-figure business opportunity for only $39.

This is no joke. People often have a hard time grasping this, but it is the truth.

We’ve been doing this for more than two decades. There is nowhere else you could spend this little money and actually have a real business that can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars—and in some cases millions of dollars in revenue—depending on how far you want to take this business.

I’d like to offer you yet another SPECIAL BONUS:

If you believe this business is the right business for you, you can take care of your annual online membership fee in full for only $390.

If you do that, we’re going to throw in 2 months of access to the membership for free.


You’re going to receive private password-protected access to our Workshop Marketing Magic system, which we normally sell separately for $1,497.

This system is our complete soup to nuts guide on how to hold, plan and present live workshops that literally get parents to run to the back of the room and book an appointment to meet with you.

You will gain immediate access to this valuable system as soon as you sign up.

Our Workshop Marketing Magic system includes:

  • 53 slides.
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet.
  • Marketing guide.
  • Notebook with a copy of each slide and the exact word-for-word script.

This script will get you through each slide smoothly and instantly make you sound like you’ve been a college funding expert for years—even if you’ve never done a lick of public speaking in your entire life. Even if you hate public speaking, you can stand up there, read the slides verbatim and you’re still going to have excellent success.

You’ll also receive:

  • Six full pages of testimonials from happy parents you can use in your workshop marketing to build instant credibility.
  • Six core handouts that every one of our top producers use for every workshop.
  • Swap tips and tricks to help you grow your practice as quickly as possible.

Every single top college funding producer in our network uses this workshop to generate prospects on demand. This turn-key, proven system not only packs the room for you—but it also shows you exactly what to say and do at the live event to create a stampede of highly qualified families who want to book appointments with you on the spot.

When you combine the Workshop Marketing Magic system with Module 2 in the 5-Step SET For College Funding™ Success System, you will literally have every single detail that you could possibly need to become a prospect generating machine.

Don’t miss out on this special offer.
Join today!

To top it off…

We offer a risk-free, 90-day money back guarantee.

Like I mentioned earlier, we’ve been doing this for more than two decades. We know what works, but we understand that you may be skeptical. That’s why we offer a full 90-day, 100% unconditional total satisfaction guarantee.

Our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have 90 days to receive private password protected access to our online membership website.

You can test it out and use the SET For College Funding™ Success System.

If you’re not amazed with your results or thrilled with it for any reason whatsoever, simply email or call our office, and you will receive a full refund of your entire membership fee. No hassles, no strings, no fine print.


Remember, even after the 90 days, it’s still on a month-to-month, no contract basis. That is how confident I am that our system works—and that’s why we extend this extremely liberal 90-day money back guarantee. This allows us to shoulder the risk and earn your trust. We want an opportunity to prove to you that this system really does work.

To Recap:

When you sign up as member, you’ll receive:

  • An entire SET For College Funding™ Success System (normally $79 a month).
  • A free ticket to our next elite, live one-day sales training event (tuition is normally $1,595).

So, you’re getting what normally costs $79 a month for only $39 a month—A savings of $480 a year off of the normal membership fee!

If you choose to take care of the annual membership fee upfront for only $390, you’ll ALSO receive:

  • Two months of membership FREE!
  • FREE private password protected access to our Workshop Magic Marketing system (normally $1,497), our complete spare no details guide to how to hold, plan and present live workshops.

Within the first 30 days of membership, you should easily be able to recoup your entire investment after you sign up your first College Funding client. That’s because you’re going to charge anywhere from $1,500 up to $4,000 for the service—far more than the cost of the entire membership.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. I’ll let one of our current Members, John Tillman, tell you what I mean:

“I have been an insurance agent for 15 years. I started in the business when I was 19 years old. I became a member about a year ago. At the time, I was very frustrated with the insurance business. I was not making anywhere near enough money. I was working very long hours and I was an employee of an agency whose principals truly believed that your job came first and your family came second.

I had a real problem with this philosophy especially considering I was a month away from the birth of my first son. When I purchased The SET for College Funding™ Success Online System, my wife thought I was crazy, because at the time it truly was a large investment for us. She reluctantly agreed to go along with the idea of getting into the college funding business because she knew how unhappy I was.

One year later, I truly have to say, ‘Thank God!’ For the first time in 15 years I put my trust in someone (that would be you) and they not only delivered what they promised they delivered it 10 times better then the promised.

Over the past year The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ has truly changed my life! For the first time ever, I have a steady flow of new prospects coming to my office and asking what they need to do to become clients. I no longer spend sleepless nights worrying about where my next sale is coming from. The best part of all this is I no longer work and make money for other people, I own the business.

Once again, my family and I would like to thank you and your staff for truly changing our lives and putting us on the path to a happy, healthy and financially promising future…”

John’s story is awesome, isn’t it? We noticed a trend with our members like John who become incredibly successful: The financial success is actually the byproduct of the fact that they’re happy and passionate about what they’re doing. That happiness and passion is one of the biggest benefits of this system.

Wouldn’t you like to start enjoying the kind of lifestyle John has?

You can.

Right now.

By becoming a member today.

It’s Easy To Do…



You can pick up the phone and call us right now at 1-800-643-6143, anytime from 9 am to 4:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday. Be sure to ask for Dept. WB-1. One of our trained counselors will be able to take your enrollment instantly over the phone. Or, you can mail your check or money order to: CASH College Funding, Inc., 921 Port Washington Blvd, #3, Port Washington, NY 11050. Whichever way you do it, DECIDE RIGHT NOW to create the kind of business, income and lifestyle you and your family deserve. Or, if you’re already pretty successful, then do what ALL champions do:

DECIDE to use your FULL potential — to test your limits — to do better than you’ve ever done before — to get that extra edge — to EXCEL, instead of just get by.

This is a positive decision you’ll be very, very glad you made — I GUARANTEE IT!



Brian Kay
Executive Director Leads 4 Insurance, Inc.

P.S. When you compare the amount of money you’ll be making by using The SET for College Funding™ Success System to the small investment to become a member, it’s obvious this will be the best investment you’ll ever make in your business. After all, where else can you gain the ability to add an extra $5,000-$25,000 per month to your insurance or financial services business for such a small investment?

Colleges and universities charge thousands of dollars for their training and many graduates make a lot less than you can earn with the SET for College Funding™ Success System.
When you think of it in these terms, your membership is truly a bargain.

P.P.S. For the fastest way to get started, pick up the phone and call us at 1-800-643-6143 with your VISA/Master Card/AMEX/Discover info. Ask for Dept. WB-1 and one of our trained counselors will get you enrolled right away.

Or, you can fax a printed membership enrollment form to the office 24 hours a day at: (516) 944-5275, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Otherwise, mail your completed Membership Enrollment Form, along with your check or money order to: Leads4Insurance / CASH College Funding, LLC, Dept. WB-1, 921 Port Washington Blvd., Suite 3, Port Washington, NY 11050.

Whichever way you do it, you’ll be well on your way to making this year your best ever!!!

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget — if you enroll before midnight, you’ll receive over $11,000 in fast-response business building bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Join One of the Most Successful Group Of Insurance Agents And Financial Advisers In The Country Using This Breakthrough New Insurance Marketing Information System — Become A Member Today!



Call 1-800-643-6143 9 am-4:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday…
Ask for Dept. WB-1


FAX your completed Membership Enrollment Form to me, 24 hours, 7 days a week, at (516) 944-5275.

*** Earnings Disclaimer – FTC Regulations requires us to inform you that the testimonials of successful Advisors who use our system is not typical. Your results are based on your ability to work the system and invest a percentage of your revenue back into your business.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer any get-rich-quick schemes for agents who are not willing to make an effort to build their business. In addition, any claims made by our testimonials will not guarantee you will do the same. Your results may vary based on your area, marketing and sales ability. Our company specializes in building long term relationships with your clients. Your production is based on your ability to work the system.