Selling Life Insurance in a Price Conscious World

As humans, most of us have fallen victim to making the “impulse purchase.” This is particularly the case if the price of those items (that we think we need, but don’t) seems insignificant. As an example, magazines while we’re standing in the supermarket checkout line, shoes or clothes while strolling through the mall, and a plethora of other items – they’ve often found their way into our lives.

Just take a quick look around your home or office, and you’re likely to find more of these unnecessary purchases…purchases that seemed like a good idea at the time.

But when it comes to higher ticket items or services, such as cars or computers, we are much more likely to take a step back and really evaluate the price versus the value that we plan to receive.

Your life insurance prospects are likely to do this, too. And, while there are some who see the need for this type of coverage as a component to their overall financial plan, others do not – which can make it that much harder for them to justify paying the premium for something that they really don’t believe in.

So, how do you combat this?

One way is to target your marketing towards those prospects who actually want to talk to you. And yes, there are plenty of them out there.

As an example, let’s say that you owned a food truck in New York City that sold hotdogs. Being that there are plenty of places where people can get hot dogs in New York, how exactly would you go about marketing your food truck so that it stands out to potential customers and you make a lot of sales?

Some might say that the way to go about this is to advertise the best tasting hot dog, while there are others would go the route of charging a lower price. But the reality is that none of these methods are apt to work very well.

The reality is that you are the most apt to sell a lot of hot dogs when you go to where people are hungry!

When you are strategically placed in front of potential customers who truly want and need what you have to offer, you will find that they are not so apt to go anywhere else. They are also not as likely to worry as much about paying for the product or service – because they understand how it meets their needs. This holds true whether you’re selling hot dogs or life insurance.

So, how do you get yourself in front of prospects who are hungry for the information and the coverage that you have to offer? One way is to contact leads who have already requested additional details.

Why try to find the proverbial needle in the haystack when you can instead go directly to people who want to hear from you?

Do you want to keep your marketing pipeline full with a consistent and steady stream of life insurance prospects to talk to? If so, we can help. Give us a call today, toll-free, at 1-800-643-6143 for more details.

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