The ONLY Question Worth Asking Yourself Every Night

Very often, when the workday is over, we have our moments of clarity about our work – how we did, what we did right, what we could have done better.

That bird’s eye view of hindsight allows us to look back objectively. It removes us from the stressful situations in which big decisions are made and gives an unbiased look at if we brought our A-game to the table.

So with that said, here is a question you need to be asking yourself every work day evening…
“Did I do my best today to move me towards my monthly revenue goal?”

This question is simple. You can’t do better than your best. Therefore, it is incredibly natural to do worse than your best. So the question that matters most at the end of each work day is, “Did I do my best today?”

“Doing your best” on a daily basis is a benchmark on which to judge your effort and progress.

This is where success starts.

Make sure to ask AND honestly answer this question at the end of every work day.

This question will tell you just about everything you need to know in order judge your progress.

If you’re consistently falling short on “doing your best,” than you need seriously evaluate what’s going on in your life. If you answer that question with “No, but…” you need to stop making excuses because the question is about you and your effort.

And with a lack of effort, there is virtually nothing that me or any other sales coach or Top Producer can do to remedy a lack of effort. No sage advice will translate into higher revenues if you aren’t working at or close to your best level.

But if you are giving 100% and you are just not getting the results yet because the skill set isn’t quite there yet (whether it’s on your lead generation efforts, free consultations, or Financial  Presentations), that is fixable with a little bit of patience and a lot of effort. The key word there is yet.

Find those moments of the evening where you have those moments of clarity.

My “mini-piphanies” (as I call them) happen when I’m working out, eating dinner, or just about to fall asleep. The drive home from work also works well.

And be sure to have a notepad within reach because it’s easy to tell yourself “I’ll remember in the morning” only to have that thought slip away minutes later.

Speaking of morning, here’s another way to keep yourself focused on putting forward your best effort.

Ask yourself at the start of workday. “What will I do today to move me toward my monthly revenue goal?”

Business Building coach Mark LeBlanc calls this question (and the evening one I just described) your AM and PM questions.

And they are designed to keep you locked in on hitting your monthly revenue goals.

Make them a habit. They work.

Bring the effort every day. Good things will follow.

Be valuable.

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