Prospecting Weapon #3: “Takeaway Selling”

Takeaway selling works when you limit the supply of a product or service in some way.  Because basic economics dictates that the demand will rise with  limited supply or timeframe to buy. People will respond better to an offer if they believe the offer is about to become unavailable or restricted in some way.

And of course, the opposite is also true.  If a person knows your product will be around whenever he needs it, there’s no need for him or her to act now.  And when your service or product is put aside by the prospect, the chance of closing the sale diminishes greatly.

There are basically three types of takeaways:

  1. Limiting the quantity
  2. Limiting the time
  3. Limiting the offer

In the first method, limiting the quantity, you are presenting a fixed number of your service available for sale.  After they’re gone, that’s it.  For example:  “I only work with 75 families per year.  That is all my firm can handle and still do an exceptional job.”

In the second method, limiting the time, a deadline is added to the offer.  It should be a realistic deadline, not one that changes all the time.  For example:  “The free consultation is available for the next two weeks.  After that I have more workshops to run and I block off my schedule for those workshop attendees.”

The third method, limiting the offer, is accomplished by limiting other parts of the offer, such as the guarantee, bonuses or premiums, the price, and so on.  A key point here is to give them a reason why the offer is being restricted.  Don’t just say the price (if you are charging a fee for your advice) will be going up in three weeks.  But decline to tell them why.

Armed with this under the radar “mental triggers” you will be able to increase your persuasion power in almost everything you do.  Most importantly, start implementing one of these at a time.  These techniques won’t work if you don’t put them to use.  But once you do, I think you will see the buying resistance in your prospects come down dramatically.

It’s a proven fact that scarcity sells.

It’s that age­less law of supply and demand. The less the supply is, the greater the demand will be.

People don’t know how much they want some­thing until it’s about to be taken away from them. As Jim Rohn once said, “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.”

The goal of scarcity is to “prevent procrastination.”

Never the less, as the saying goes, “People don’t like to be sold. But people love to buy.” So scarcity, used properly, helps them buy — and not pressure them to act.

So use takeaway selling in order to stop peo­ple from pro­cras­ti­nat­ing rather than getting them to take action now. In other words, shape your offer — and not just your product or service — so that it is time sensitive, quantity bound, or event- based.

Even preventative scarcity works really well, such as one tied to lessening the potential aggravation of a current, undesirable condition, or to eliminate the fear of some imminent problem, danger, or ill-favored circumstance.

Either way, the important thing to remember is to always give a rea­son­able, believable, and logical explanation to justify your sense of urgency, or else your sales tactic will be appear disingenuous and be instantly discredited.

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