5 Little Known Prospecting Secrets

Number 5: If the prospect says “No” or “I am not interested,” you say “Okay, goodbye.” Don’t press for an appointment. Do not try to engage the prospect in a conversation or ask any questions.  This will be the most pleasant sales call they ever get. It will assure that very few prospects will ask you not to call again.

Number 4: Record your presentations. Listen to how you sound. The goal is to hear yourself using your usual conversational tones. Do not try to sound like a professional salesperson. Do not come across as overly enthusiastic, unusually friendly, or enticing. Just relax and present your solution without being pushy.  If the meeting is in person, physically sit back in your chair.

Number 3: Always be in a “disqualification” mode.   This can often be the hardest for Advisors. But it is critical if you are ever going to become a consistently big producer. You must be determined to spend your selling time only with high probability prospects. Disqualify low probability prospects quickly and courteously. Don’t allow desperation or anxiousness to deter you from your mission. If the prospect says “Yes,” you ask “Why?” Let the prospect convince you that he/she is a high probability prospect.  I am not saying to give up on any prospect who raises an objection.  But, position your questioning almost as if you are interviewing them for a job on your team. This works unbelievably well for a number of reasons – mostly because it throws prospects off what they were expecting.  Prospects are   almost always looking and expecting a hard sell.  And when they don’t get it and instead get the complete opposite of a hard sell, your chances for maximum persuasion are at their highest.

Number 2: Accept the fact that prospecting really is a numbers game.  For example: you mail twenty five hundred mailers for a workshop you are putting on. One percent, or twenty-five people RSVP.   Then twenty-two actually show at the night of the workshop. Then fifteen request a free-consultation after the appointment.  You then end up meeting with twelve. Of those twelve who keep the appointments, 3 are not good prospects and another 3 said they are not interested.  Five become clients and one is a maybe that goes in your follow up list.  By the way this should all be done on a spreadsheet and tracked for each marketing event.  And also tracked by month, by quarter, and by year.

Number 1: Keep accurate records of your prospecting sessions. I’ve trained thousands of agents to be successful prospectors. The most successful producers know exactly what their key metrics are at any given. The least successful don’t. The act of keeping records will enable your subconscious mind to constantly improve your results.   Plus, by having a clear picture of how you’re performing in your most important prospecting activities you can quickly and easily make changes.  As well as share your results with a sales coach who can help you improve.  Another trend of top producers is to be open to coaching.  Almost every professional in every profession who is at the absolute top of their game gets formalized coaching.

Keep these prospecting secrets in mind as you move forward.  And begin to implement them one at a time. They will serve you well. And help take your practice to another level.
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