3 Powerful Secrets To Massive Lead Generation

No. 1: Identify your target market The riches are in the niches – yet most Advisors resist marketing to just one targeted market. First off, “everyone” is not your target market. If you’re serious about making money to retire with, you must niche. Problem is…if you have no idea where to start identifying which niche is THE ONE for you, how can you change lives with your product or service?

Every product, every service, every business appeals much more strongly to a specific group than it appeals to all people, yet most Advisors and Insurance Agents get their clients by luck or accident. They throw their marketing message out like a fishing line into a vast ocean hoping the right people will bite. When you focus on ONE target market you leverage your time, money and energy…and you’ll get richer very quickly.

2. Deliver a unique, meaningful message

The key to having a steady flow of leads is to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. You need a message that tells prospects why they should do business with you instead of with someone else. And, because people buy when they are ready to buy, and not when you are ready to sell, you must make sure you deliver your message consistently.

Your message should be in terms that your target market is interested in. In other words, speak in their language and say what they want to hear.   Prospects buy want they want and not what you think they need. Read this last sentence again if you need to. It is critical.  So many times I see Advisors trying to force an insurance or financial product on a prospect or a marketplace that clearly could car less about it.

Use social proof and social proof every chance you get in your marketing materials.  These could include client testimonials, articles about you and your firm, or even other articles or videos by other people that support what you recommend.  For example, let’s say your niche is selling cash value life insurance to the teacher market. There are dozens and dozens of great and client friendly articles on the web that describe in detail not only how permanent insurance works but also what a great product it is.  Just forward those articles on to your teacher prospects on a continual basis.  The secret behind this is that, what others say about a particular product is much more powerful that what you can say.   That is the magic of social proof.

3. Deliver your message as often as you can

Now you have to find the appropriate delivery vehicles for your marketing messages.

There are three things to remember as you plan how to deliver your message:

  1. Put together a marketing piece and decide on what medium to use it in
  2. Test the piece (start small and cheap)
  3. Analyze the results and either roll out big or keep making little changes until you do find a winner

Unless your budget is unlimited, you need to choose delivery vehicles that focus your message.

There are many ways to deliver your unique meaningful message: advertising, direct response mail, joint ventures, phone calls or personal visits. You can also teach classes or offer FREE educational workshop on topics that relate to your product or service and then offer a free consultation after the workshop to learn more about how the topic you covered can help their particular situation.

Whatever you do, try to achieve a balanced mix of marketing mediums when delivering your message. Some people are better visual learners. While others are much more apt to be persuaded by hearing a message.

Using just one of these three secrets can have a positive effect on how many qualified leads you generate.  Combine all three effectively and you’ll be in position for massive lead generation.

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