How To Use The Labeling Technique To Generate More Leads

What if there was a few simple words you could say to any prospect that would instantly increase your persuasion ability by 10%, 20%, or even as high as 50%?

You would want to know what those few simple words were right?  Today, you’re going to learn those words.  And you’re going to learn why they work and when to use them.  Plus, I’ll give you a couple of real life examples of this ninja persuasion technique in action.

What is the labeling technique?

This persuasion strategy involves assigning a trait, attitude, belief, or other label to a person, and then making a request of that person consistent with that label.  You can assign the label to one person at a time or do it in a group setting.  To get a deeper understanding, let’s take a look at a few examples of this strategy in action.

Example #1 Of This Strategy In Action:  One-On-One Setting

You meet someone and you realize that they could be an excellent client.  So you say to them, “a smart and decisive person like yourself knows a good financial strategy when they see it.  I just read a great report (or article, or saw a video, or read a book) on getting more consistent returns, without stock market risk. I’ll send it to you.”

Then ask for their card or contact info so you can send them the info you promised. Now that person is a prospect.  Obviously you could adjust this script for just about any financial product or service you sell.

Example #2 Of This Strategy In Action;  Group Setting

The labeling technique works amazingly well in a group setting.  The goal of a good financial workshop or seminar is to get attendees to come in for a free consultation.  Then once they’re at the free consultation you can further qualify them as a prospect, ask questions to find out what their biggest financial concerns are, and then match a service or product you offer to solve their concern. (Hopefully that’s what you are doing in a first meeting. Nearly every top producer I have ever met uses this method. Get to it if you’re not. It works unbelievably well.)  But you’ll never get to this point, if you don’t get them to sign up for the free consultation.

Here’s what you say at the workshop.  After you have shared with them a strategy that is compelling but not totally complete (by the way, the best platform selling involves telling attendees what a strategy is and how they benefit from it but not actually revealing how to do it. For how to do it, they need your help), tell them how smart people are willing to learn new and better ways of accomplishing their financial goals.  People like those in this room. But as you know you can only get ahead if you take what you learn and put it into action.

Then let them know they can learn more about the strategy you just shared and if it makes sense for them at a free consultation you are offering.

By saying this simple sequence of words, you are planting in their head, that they are smart, financially savvy people, who take action to accomplish goals. Then you are giving them a chance to be consistent with this label you assigned to them.

My favorite thing about this technique is that when you do it right, your prospects or clients, or whomever you’re using it on has no idea it’s being done.  It is truly a ninja persuasion technique. And one that can quickly and easily used to improve your lead generation abilities and results.

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