Is This The Most Powerful Prospecting Tool On Earth?

“What someone else says about you is a thousand
times more powerful than anything you say about yourself.”
~Dan Kennedy  marketing consultant, author

I am often times a contrarian by nature.  When I have the time to research a topic and make a decision it will more often than not go against the grain from conventional wisdom.

But when I don’t have a lot of time to make up my mind about something I typically go with the “norm.”

In other words I just do what everyone else is doing.

Take movie choices for example.

If I have one or more friends or family tell me that a movie is good or I hear that a movie has received several good reviews from critics, I will go see it without thinking twice.

The fact that others think it’s good, is enough for me to whip out cash and make a purchase.

This is “social proof” at work.

And it is extremely powerful.

There are many ways that you can use “social proof” to help your prospects make a choice to want to meet with you or even make a buying decision.

But none more powerful than what a happy customer has to say about how you and your service or product has helped them achieve one of their financial goals.

Here are some common examples of Social Proof. I’m sure you would have encountered some of these on a daily basis:

  • People being attracted to a crowd looking at a spectacle.
  • People ignoring public fights because most people seem to ignore it.
  • The use of canned laughter in sitcoms to encourage audience enjoyment
  • The seeding of tip jars at bars or cafes to encourage tips
  • Manipulation of the line-up queue at clubs to boost its attractiveness
  • The use of crowd-centric headlines such as ‘Most popular’ or ‘America’s best’
  • Personalities who surround themselves with objects of social prestige
  • The gradual increase in standing ovations as more audience members join in.

Here is the list of social proof indicators, which one can easily use to effectively present your website in a favorable light.

1. Product testimonials from Satisfied Customers
If you’re selling a product or service, this is absolutely essential. Testimonials are one of the most effective ways to encourage an impulse sale. Try asking for testimonials from your clients or customers and display the notable ones prominently on your website, in your handouts at any speaking event you do, or as a booklet on the coffee table of your office waiting room.

2. Unique Recommendations from Experts
This is similar to a testimonial but there is a major difference. First of all you do need an authority on the specific topic and it should be one that is academically qualified or simply an individual with a great reputation in the specific field.

This means that you shouldn’t request recommendations from customers or clients, unless they are renowned experts or professionals within the niche itself. These recommendations are similar to the author or critic blurbs at the back of any newly published book.

3. Pictures taken with Experts and Famous people
This confers authority or buzz via association and is useful for attracting people who are already in favor of the expert or personality in question. It might be important to set this up in a way, which does not suggest that the person in question endorses your product.

A good place to put this picture would be on your website or by hanging a nice framed picture in your office or lobby.

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