What Elites Do With Their Money: Part II

“Do what I say, not what I do.”

This might as well be the mantra for those that run our financial system and oversee the American Empire.

While our banks, the Federal Reserve, and the federal government keep the overwhelming majority of their assets in guaranteed savings, Main Street America gets thrown into the Wall Street casino. Read the rest of this entry »

This “New” Asset Class Provides Stability To Any Portfolio

“You must be very patient, very persistent. The world isn’t going to shower gold coins on you just because you have a good idea. You’re going to have to work like crazy to bring that idea to the attention of people. They’re not going to buy it unless they know about it.”  Read the rest of this entry »

Is Indexed Universal Life the Most Over-Hyped Policy Ever Created?

A good friend of mine is a wholesaler with Met-Life.

The other day he called to tell me about this hot-new insurance policy his Advisors were selling, called “Indexed Universal Life.”

He went on and on about how great the benefits were. Tax-free withdrawals. No downside risk. Stock market gains. Etc…  Read the rest of this entry »

Three Ways to Get Prospects to Take Action NOW

There comes a time where you cannot afford to have a prospect delay a decision any further.

As much as you want them to become a client, it’s costing you time and energy you’d rather spend with paying clients.

So how do you get prospects to take action right now? Give them a reason that answers the question, “Why right now?”  Read the rest of this entry »

3 Characteristics of Highly Persuasive People

Sometimes a product is so damn good it sells itself.

But sometimes isn’t all the time. And probably more than sometimes, you feel stuck selling what may be a good product, but one that doesn’t scream “I’m awesome and you know it!” Read the rest of this entry »

50 Shades of Sales

My girlfriend Ana has not been much of a reader since we’ve been dating. She’ll browse a magazine here and there, but she just hasn’t been that into books.

And since she’s not into books, she wonders why I’m always reading them. My response was simply, “You just haven’t found the right books yet.” Read the rest of this entry »

Why 529 Savings Plans Are Losing Their Cool

You’d think that with the ever growing importance of a college education – combined with wildly escalating tuition prices – the popularity and reliance on 529 College Savings Plans would increase as well.

Not so. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Reasons Prospects Say No to You

I want to start by clarifying that often people say no for the simple reason that they don’t like the product or service.

As I often suggest, picture yourself in a prospect’s shoes. Think about how you make decisions with your money. Read the rest of this entry »

Price Will Never Get In The Way Of A Sale Again If You Do This

How many times in this past week have you – as a consumer – fixated on the price of an item?

It could have the price of a box of cereal or a new car. Whatever it was, the price tag was the critical factor that determined whether you would buy something.

Everybody does it nearly every day.  If anything, blame it on the way items are advertised to us.  Read the rest of this entry »

Olympics, Flying Squirrel, and Plateaus

If you’re like me, you watched as much of the Olympics as you could a few weeks ago. 

What’s just as good as the games are the back-stories on the athletes. 

The piece NBC did on Gabby Douglas, aka “The Flying Squirrel,” was simply FANTASTIC.   Read the rest of this entry »