How To Identify The “Blind-Spot” In Your Practice

Have you ever heard of a scotoma?  Everyone has one of these.  A scotoma is quite literally a blind spot in your eye. 

There is a little test on Wikipedia to prove it.  But an even easier way to know it exists is to think back to a time when you were looking for something in the fridge and couldn’t find it.  Then your spouse or
significant other came over to help you and within seconds points out the item you were looking for, which was right in front of you the entire time!

More than likely that item you were looking for in the fridge was obscured by your scotoma. Here is the thing about scotoma’s… they can affect your business as well.

Sometimes we are plugging along and trying to grow our business and we run into a problem.  Sometimes we know we have a problem and can’t figure out how to solve it so we look to get advice from others, which is a
good thing.

But a lot of the time, we don’t even know we have a problem because it’s obscured by our “business scotoma.” This “business scotoma” can drastically stunt the growth of your practice.

This is why tracking the key metrics of your practice, such as how many leads you generate on a monthly basis, where they come from, how many you convert to new clients, what a new client is worth to you in the first year, and also what a clients lifetime value is. But you can’t stop with simply doing self-regulation on yourself. That is a good habit to have but you need to do more to maximize your practice’s earning potential. What I am referring to is to get yourself a “Master Coach.” Someone who can push and guide you to bigger and better things. A great coach will constantly push you out of your comfort zone, which can be frustrating. In fact, there will be times when you feel hatred for your coach. And that’s okay. That is a good sign.

Having a “Master Coach” is something that has affected my personal and business life enormously. The biggest jumps in my personal income, net worth, and increases in personal time off have come as a direct result from advice from personal coaches. It is a fact; I spend more than $40,000 per year on a coaching program for myself. Believe me, I don’t pay that much money for very many things. But a good coach I will. Because I know I will get than money back ten-fold from their advice. I recommend you do the same.

I want nothing more than for you to eliminate your “business-scotoma” and to experience these LEAPS for yourself. Full-participation in a really good coaching program can do that for you.

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