“I Do Roughly 65% of My Total Revenue the Last Four Months”

It’s no accident that the best hitters on a baseball team bat third and fourth in the lineup. They are most likely to deliver a big hit that will clear the bases and give the team an early lead and big advantage.


I bring that up because a friend of mine recently clued me in on a similar business strategy that nets him peak revenue during a peak demand for college planning services. He told me, “I do roughly 65% of my revenue in the last four months.” And like those power hitters, it’s no accident as to why his plan hauls in revenue when its ripe for the picking.


For him and most of us, college planning is a great business year round, but it’s really good business during the last four months. Why? The school year begins and parents of high school juniors and seniors have college on their minds.


They are touring a different college campus every weekend. Their children are studying for PSATs and SATs. Students are feeling the weight of peer pressure from other classmates who are applying and/or have been accepted. Parents are feeling peer pressure from other parents who are more financially prepared. And all the while, college football is on TV nearly every night of the week.


Thinking about college takes up so much of their attention that it’s easy to forget that they still have another year or two of high school to finish.


Some parents, though, wish they did have a few extra years because they aren’t financially prepared to pay for their teenager’s college education. It creates panic. And my friend is keen enough to know this and be in the best position to capitalize.


So what does my friend do from September to December? He packs his schedule with workshops and brings in a ton of fee-paying clients. By the end of the year, he closes back-end sales with them. Merry Christmas, indeed!


Previously, he spread his workshops out throughout the year but soon recognized that he could devote his time and resources better based on the natural ebbs and flows of the demand for college planning services. For him, the workshop turnouts are bigger and the sales process is easier in the second half of the year, especially the last four months.


He’s like those iconic grizzly bears in Denali National Park standing in a rushing river, waiting patiently for the salmon to literally jump into their mouths. When he wants to feast, he knows exactly where to go and when.


It’s no accident.


My two takes from this…


  1. You get to decide how your practice is run.


  1. We have a TREMENDOUS opportunity in front of us right now (and every year at the end of summer)


But timing is critical. It’s the crucial ingredient to a successfully executed plan. Otherwise, all the strategy and effort you put into the plan are squandered.


Parents have college on their mind this time of year. They need your help but often don’t know that you (and the solutions you provide) can help. They are standing on the bases, the pitcher is throwing balls straight over the plate, and you have the big stick in your hands. Swing it.


Book your workshops. Sharpen your skills. Sell with confidence. And watch your revenues climb.


I know I am. I have a couple events coming up and the response rates are looking really good so far. Maybe I’ll book a few more!


Be valuable.


John G. McCarthy

Managing Editor, Leads4Insurance.com



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