How To Speak To Your Clients “Lizard” Brain

This is some weird stuff.

But if you can understand it and apply it to your sales process, you will drastically increase your sales ability.
You and I each have 3 distinct parts to our brains:

  1. The new brain, which processes rational data.
  2. The middle brain, which processes emotions and gut feelings.
  3. The old brain, which takes into account the info from the other two and makes a decision.

The old brain is a primitive organ. It is often called the “lizard brain” because it is still present in reptiles today. In fact, any animal with a vertebrae has a spine within its vertebrae, and the top end of that spine is indeed the old brain.

Your “lizard brain’s” primary function is “fight or flight.” In other words it is your survival brain.

In the book “Neuromarketing,” which is based on how to sell to the “old brain, the authors describe a proven 4 step process to speak to the “old brain.” (I say proven because the Authors both have a very impressive client list that have used the ideas and research in this book to grow sales.)

And step #1 in that 4-step process is as follows…

#1. Diagnose the pain.

“In this step you should ask the right questions and listen carefully to your prospects’ answer’s. The true pain often lies below the conscious level, so be prepared to unveil pain your customers did not even know they had.

Since the old brain is self-centered and concerned with its own survival above else, it is highly interested in solutions that will alleviate any pain it is feeling. That is why humans spend more time and energy avoiding pain or looking to destroy pain than we devote to gaining higher levels of comfort. Focus on the pain your prospect is experiencing, not the features of your products or service.”

I’ll be talking more about this 4-step process in future emails. Until then…

Step #2. Differentiate your claims.

During any sales pitch, your prospects are going to be thinking two things in their head:

  • How does this compare to other options?
  • How does this compare to doing nothing?

You must answer both of these for your client. You become the only financial professional who can solve their pain.

Step #3. Demonstrate the gain.

You got to show proof that your product will do what you say it can do.

Step #4. Deliver to the old brain.

New scientific research shows that the old brain makes the final decision. To speak directly to the old brain you must talk its language. And remember, the old brain’s primary concern is avoiding pain.

Add all 4 of these steps in sequence and your persuasive ability goes up dramatically. Try it.
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