How To Raise Yourself From Failure To Success…With Drip Marketing: Part 2

Obviously, you must stay in touch with the people with whom you already do business. Not only do you want their referrals, but you want them to become long-term clients. Here are two great ways to ensure that happens. In How to Raise Yourself from Failure to Success with Drp Marketing: Part 1, we handed out tips for personalized approaches.

Online Tactics to Increase Insurance Sales

Send A Financial Planning Client Newsletter Every Month

This is another marketing strategy you just can’t afford to ignore. I’ve been doing it for more than a decade, and I can tell you—other than calling people two weeks before they are ready to buy—client newsletters are one of the best marketing tools I have ever used.

When you send your clients a monthly newsletter, you show them that you care about their welfare and their long-term financial goals. For example, through my monthly  “Marketing Breakthroughs” newsletter, I stay in touch with my members and build relationships with them. More important, I let them know about other services and products that we’re offering.

If you’re not sending a newsletter to your clients, I urge you to start doing so as quickly as you can.

Hold Client Orientation Teleseminars

Technology has made staying in touch with your clients easier, effective and more convenient than ever. One of the best ways to take advantage of today’s technology is to offer your clients what I call “orientation teleseminars.” These are online “programs” in which you talk to a group of new clients at the same time each month. For instance, you would provide a number to which the clients would call. Each session would cover a particular topic or service. You would explain that product or service, tell how it fits with your clients’ needs, and then leave time for them to ask you questions.

The cost to host these teleseminars is minimal, maybe $30 to $50 for a one hour program. If possible, you could have your clients pay a nominal fee to join the teleseminar and defray some of the expenses. Whether you charge your clients is up to you, but $30 or $50 is a small price to pay to stay in touch with lots of clients on a regular basis without having to leave your office.

Off Line Tactics to Increase Insurance Sales

Organize Client Appreciation Dinners

Client appreciation dinners benefit you and your clients in two ways. First, you reinforce their loyalty to you by making them feel special. Heck, you are buying them dinner after all! Second, you can invite your clients to bring a guest or two to the event. And this helps spread your name—and the products and services you offer—throughout the community in which you live. Thus, a client appreciation dinner enables you to bond with your clients and generate lots of referrals at the same time. Tell me that’s not worth the cost of hosting the dinner.

A key to make these events successful is to keep them laid-back and casual; encourage people to have a nice time. You should be able to just chat, answer questions and build relationships with your top clients — in the hope of winning some new ones as well.

Send Personalized Cards, Letters and Gifts

Again, this sounds like a simple marketing strategy, yet too many people pull this off poorly. The idea here is to show your clients that you appreciate their business and to reinforce your relationship with them. So the first thing you do is to never, ever send standard cards with your pre-printed signature on them. It misses the point completely.

Earlier I mentioned that you could provide small gifts to your new clients. Here’s where you can provide small gifts to existing ones. Such things as gift cards, movie passes, golf balls, or small baskets are great ways to solidify your relationship you’re your clients. In many ways, it is the small things you do that provide the big message about your business.

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