How To Overcome Any Objection Your Prospects Throw At You

Let me start off by saying that in an ideal world, every one of the questions your prospects have about your College Funding Service will be answered during your presentation(s).  And when it comes time to make a decision, your prospect simply says “yes” and hands over payment.  But, let’s be honest, that scenario doesn’t happen very often.

More than likely your prospect is going to have some type of question or “objection” about the service and/or working with you.

How you handle and overcome those objections/questions can mean the difference between a sale and NO SALE.  It is critical that you be prepared to handle anything your prospects throw at you.

How critical?

It is so important that Donald Moine a behavioral psychologist, who has written widely on the subject of persuasion, declares this skill as the one that separates the good salesman from the great ones.

A great real world example of why Moine thinks this is true, is given in the best-selling book “The Tipping Point,” by author Malcolm Gladwell.  In the book, Gladwell profiles Tom Gau, partner in the Los Angeles based financial planning firm Kavesh and Gau.  Tom is one of the top producing financial advisors in the entire country.

Moine has determined and made a very compelling case “that what separates great salesman from an average one is the number and quality of answers they have to the objections commonly raised by potential clients.”

Based on my experience in the face-to-face selling industry and based on the top producers I have worked closely with have done, I totally agree with this statement.  One of the biggest advantages to doing face-to-face selling is having the ability to answer questions in real time.  When you do selling through sales letters or any other form of print, you don’t have that luxury.

What to do when a potential new customer has an objection

First of all, when handling an objection you need to use a buffer response. The reason for this is to diffuse the situation a little — for both parties. You see, when someone comes at you with a question like this, it can and most likely will cause your pulse rate to go up.

And when your emotions are high, your intelligence goes down significantly.  To counteract this emotional response impulse you need to be prepared with “buffer responses.”

Here are 5 great buffer responses:

1. Good question
2. Thanks for that bringing that up
3. You bring up a good point
4. Thank you for asking
5. It depends

Right after someone puts out the objection, use one of these buffer phrases.  It not only diffuses the situation but also gives you a chance to gather your thoughts.  Once your thoughts are gathered, it’s time to respond.

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