How To Increase Profits By Selling To The “Old-Brain”

One of the two or three best books on marketing I have ever read is a book called “Neuromarketing” by Patrick Renvoise and Christopher Morin.  What these guys have done is take the latest brain research on the planet and applied it to sales and marketing.

Today’s article is going to give you a brief snippet from this latest research. So that you can harness the power of science to massively increase your persuasion powers.

The authors tell us that most people buy from what they call their old brain. In short, the old brain is man’s ancient way of thinking from the beginning of time — the fight for survival. The authors argue that we make our buying decisions from this brain.

So, if this is so, the way we sell must talk to that brain and not the logical brain or the brain we think is used to make decisions.

Neuromarketing discusses the three parts of the brain and their function:

New Brain: Processes rational data.  This part of the brain may not be fully formed until you are 24-years-old.

Middle Brain: Processes emotions and gut feelings.

Old Brain: The real decision maker.  This is the first part of the brain to develop and makes all decisions.  Its sole concern is the physical survival of the body.  The old brain is 45,000 times older than the written word, which means that written words don’t impact it.

When the old brain makes decisions, it consults with the new and middle brain. This leads to emotionally led decisions, which are then justified rationally.  So how do you reach the old brain, since it doesn’t understand words

Step #1:  Diagnose the Pain.

“One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears –
by listening to them.”
~Dean Rusk, Former Secretary Of State

“In this step you should ask the right questions and listen carefully to your prospects answers.  The true pain often lies below the conscious level, so be prepared to unveil pain your customers did not even know they had.

Since the old brain is self-centered and concerned with its own survival above all else, it is highly interested in solutions that will alleviate any pain it is feeling.  That is why humans spend more time and energy avoiding pain or looking to destroy pain than we devote to gaining higher levels of comfort.  Focus on the pain your prospect is experiencing, not the features of your products or service.

For example, if you’re selling electric drills, your prospects couldn’t care less about the actual drills.  What they really want are the holes.  Therefore, your diagnostic or solution should focus on all the issues they have about the holes they need to make….not the drills.  Combining your expert knowledge with their own understanding of their current situation and their desired outcome will lead to an accurate diagnostic of your customers pain.”

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