How To Get Prospects To Believe, Respect, and Trust You

One of the best sales techniques on the planet is to ask powerful questions.

Asking questions is an absolutely critical element of your sales presentation. Questions engage the brain. They keep a person attentive to a discussion. In fact, good questions will turn a discussion into a conversation.

I suggest you come up with a list of 10 -15 questions that you believe prospects have never heard before – especially from your competition.

Why is this important? Several reasons.

First, it sets you apart from your competition. It shows you are taking a different approach that centers around the prospects opinions.

By doing so, you are planting in their heads that they are setting the terms for this meeting, that they are in control, that their concerns are different than other prospects and clients. After a few questions asked and concerns shared, their guard is down significantly more than when they first walked in.

Second, it engages the prospect on a deep level. It makes them truly think about why they believe they need what you are selling.

Think about it this way, if somebody asks you common questions about one of your products, you have canned answers ready to go, right? What if somebody asks you an unconventional question, or a question you never heard before, or a question about something you haven’t considered?

This will drastically change your answers.

Because these are questions you have never been asked, you have to think before you answer. Your answer will be raw and honest. You may even say at some point, “I never thought about that before.”

The more thought-provoking your questions, the more your prospective buyer will respect you. The higher that respect level is, the more likely they will be truthful with you and give you insight into key factors that determine the sale.

That last part is critical. Asking powerful questions opens the window into a prospect’s psyche.

When you settle for yes and no questions, that’s all you will get for your answers. When you ask thought-provoking questions, you get raw and honest answers.

You’ll learn why they want to buy your product. You’ll learn why they don’t. And I would argue that knowing the latter is critical to becoming a better sales agent.

People don’t open themselves up to strangers. They need to respect you and trust you first.

And the more they respect and trust you, the more they will buy your product.

Be valuable.

John  McCarthy
Managing Editor,

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