Embodying Your Brand: How to Be the Agent You Need to Be

I recently wrote about how being authentic is a crucial component of your personality that can make or break an initial prospect meeting.

I’d like to take that idea one step further to the concept of branding – not just yourself but your business and what it takes to create and project that brand.

You’ve probably heard the old Woody Allen joke: “There’s one thing worse in life than death; It’s spending an evening with an insurance salesman.”

This is the perception you are up against. This is what you will be branded as if you don’t brand yourself first.

Here are some tips how…

Identify Your Core

Your core is essentially the main ingredients to your business and yourself as a business owner.

To do this, ask yourself these questions and nail down the answers:

What are your business’ best products?

What are your business’ most popular products?

Which of your products generate the most revenue?

Which of your products are the most cost-effective?

What do you enjoy doing the most?

What are you best at?

Which demographic groups are your primary customers?

What do customers say about your business?

After identifying the core strengths of your business and your core skills, never lose sight of them.

Exercise Self-Control

If your business if enjoying a successful run, it’s tempting to branch it with more products and services. Before you do, ask yourself if each new branch is coming from same tree.

For example, what if Omaha Steaks began selling roof shingles? Or if Microsoft began selling pizza?

They both sound ridiculous, and that’s why neither company did such things. They would only serve to confuse loyal customers who had been previous sold to their brand.
Expanding your business and line of products is a good thing, but exercise restraint when plotting your moves.

The last thing you want to be is the jack of all trades and the master of none. Make sure that whatever new products and services you provide fall into the category of those that made your business successful to begin with.

Allow Customers to Help Build a Brand

Ultimately, your customers are the ones who will judge whether or not they like your brand.

Their patronage is what will make your brand a success or a flop. Therefore, their feedback is crucial in developing your brand.

That feedback doesn’t always have to come from their lips. Sometimes it’s better measured by how much comes out of their wallets.

For example, if prospects and clients continually mention that they like your customer service, highlight that feedback in advertisements and marketing material. Or if they seem to gravitate toward a certain product, feature it in a brochure.

How they perceive your brand is more important than how you do. Don’t be afraid to make changes based on customer experiences and feedback. 

Which leads me to my last tip…

Building a Brand Never Ends

Finally, it’s important to remember that building a brand is a process that never ends. With each generation – and often within the same generation – perceptions about people and products change.

Your brand will grow tired and stale if it remains unchanged. Successful businessmen continually evolve their band. Sometimes, they completely rebrand themselves when necessary. 

Be valuable.

John  McCarthy
Managing Editor, Leads4Insurance.com

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