Simple But Highly Effective Sales Strategy

This strategy will not only boost your sales, as it did mine within 24 hours of learning it, but it will fundamentally change your life.  That is how strongly I feel about it.

Have you ever given a presentation, made a sales call or delivered a message to a group, person or even loved one and walked away feeling like you should have done better? Better yet, have you ever actually gotten angry with yourself for not saying what you wanted to say, for not getting the reaction that you really wanted, for even screwing up a few lines, objections or points or for not getting ‘exactly’ the impact that you wanted?

If you did not say ‘yes’ you are a full of it. I would guess that you might even get to the point of sometimes getting depressed about it. I know this because I do it too. The problem is that when your energy goes down, your resourcefulness drops and worse yet, when it comes time to deliver again, your anxiety or worry about your performance is higher. You become even more stressed the next time you are in a selling situation.

One simple way to increase sales is to increase your energy level when you are in a selling situation. Have you ever noticed when someone is excited about a topic that you more often than not get sucked into being excited about the subject?  The same thing can be applied to presenting a workshop or a first appointment.

I first learned this concept from author and entrepreneur Blair Singer.  He wrote “Sales Dogs,” which is part of the insanely popular “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series. He states, along these lines that in any sales situation the person with the highest energy wins.

When I first heard this several years back I was skeptical.  It just sounded cheesy.

But I was still willing to give this high-energy thing a try.  And it worked. In that presentation I spoke a little louder, made more gestures, and described the product I was selling with complete passion.  The outcome….

I got the sale.  And I have been using it ever since.  Here is a quick tip on how to quickly get into high-energy mode before a selling salutation.  Think about a time in your life that was extremely exciting and fulfilling.  (For me that was scoring the game winning basket in a playoff game in high school).  Then pump your fist or jump up and down.

By the way, I recommend you do this when no one is looking or you otherwise you might look like a crazy person. Then walk into your appointment. This simple act forces your energy to be elevated. And chances are your prospect is going to pick up on this high energy and want to do business with you. So, give it a try.  I have a sneaking feeling you’ll love the results, if you do.

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