Get Rid Of Your “Head Trash” To Boost Sales

Do you ever have thoughts like these?

“Families can’t afford my fees in this economy.”

“Financial Advisory workshops don’t work this time of year.”

“Nobody wants life insurance.”

“My fees are too high.”

A friend of mine and one of the best sales coaches I know, Adam Blumenthal, calls these thoughts “head trash.”

Add them up, and you have a landfill of negative self-talk that will kill your business. Even a small amount of head trash floating between your ears affects you.

Not only that, but it pollutes the air around you. Customers and prospects can feel it.

That is why it’s imperative to take this insurance marketing tip: Get rid of any such negative self-talk the second it pops in your head – especially before you enter a workshop or first appointment with a prospect.

If you aren’t 100% dialed into what you are doing, you will lose sales.

If you aren’t 100% sold in your products and services (even if it’s just temporary), why would any of your prospects be? How can you expect them to be?

Look, nobody is perfect. And the few people who are happy 100% of the time are more awkward to be around than anything.

I’m not suggesting that you live in denial, but to counteract cynicism for your customers, for your financial benefit, for your career.

So when you feel like your head trash can is spilling over, here are a few ways to empty it and reinvigorate your attitude and approach to work.

Make a Pro List Without the Cons

We’ve all made a pros and cons list before. If your head trash can is already full, you’ve already made a list of cons.

Now do the opposite. Make a list of the pros of your products and services.

Tape it to the top of your desk or write them on a sticky note placed on your computer screen.

Speak to clients as if you are your own number one customer

Step outside your role as sales agent and speak as if you are your number one customer.

You are your number one customer, right?

How does your product improve your life? How does it benefit you and your family? What do you like about your products and services that your competition doesn’t offer?

Answer these questions and incorporate them into your sales pitch.

Also, don’t be afraid to be upfront with your enthusiasm for your products or services. There shouldn’t be any shame in admitting that you like what you are selling.

Speaking as if you are your number one customer puts you in a position to relate to your prospects and clients. It helps you convincingly highlight your product’s appeal with sincerity instead of splash.

Ask Your Best Clients to Write a Testimonial

Another quick way to rid yourself of any head trash is to read a testimonial or two that your best clients have given you.

Don’t have any testimonials? Ask your best clients to write one for you.

Often, other people can see the positive in us better than we can. And positive feedback from others is the antithesis of negative self-talk.

One of these insurance marketing tips is all it takes to get you back in the right frame of mind to maximize your selling power.

Be valuable.

John McCarthy
Managing Editor,

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