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The “Future Millionaire’s Club” brings you the hottest, cutting-edge prospecting and marketing strategies being used by our top producing members around the country. Plus, you’ll be mentored by the top business building experts in the world.

As a new member, you’ll automatically receive a FREE 60-day trial of the “Future Millionaire’s Club.”

Here’s just a small taste of some of the private “members only” benefits you’ll receive:

  1. Private Access To Our Collection Of “Millionaire Mentoring” CD’s
    (Value: $1000/interview)
    Approximately six times a year, you’ll receive a “seminar” on CD containing, step-by-step, detailed instructions on how to create a Million Dollar Advisory Business! I’ve handpicked the world’s leading authorities on sales, prospecting, marketing, referrals, client retention, and publicity.  I’ve captured their most their most provocative thoughts, strategies, insights, and experiences for you to model in your business. Each one of these business experts charges anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 per hour for their cutting-edge, profit boosting advice, but you’ll receive these private “Millionaire Mentoring” seminars on CD – Absolutely FREE as a member of the “Future Millionaires Club.”
  2. Private Uncensored Interviews With Top Six and Seven Figure Income Producing Members (Value: $300/interview)
    Approximately six times a year, I conduct a private, uncensored interview with one of my top producing members, where they reveal exactly what they are doing (and not doing) to consistently earn a high six and in some cases, seven-figure “net” income working less than 40 hours a week.  These interviews are powerful and insightful and they’re only available to members of the “Future Millionaires Club.”
  3. Future Millionaire’s “Members-Only” Teleconference Calls
    (Value: $500/call)
    As a “Future Millionaire’s Club” member, you’ll be invited to listen in on a special business-building, brainstorming, and marketing conference calls throughout the year with me and my top producing members.  These special “members only” calls will reveal the best kept secrets and strategies for generating leads, closing sales, converting college funding clients to long-term planning clients, and how to put your business on “auto-pilot”.  As a “Future Millionaire’s Club” member, you’ll receive private access numbers and special passcodes to participate in these “members-only” teleconference calls.
  4. One Year Subscription To The Monthly “Marketing Breakthroughs” Newsletter
    (Value $240 per year)
    Each month, you’ll receive my highly acclaimed “Marketing Breakthroughs” newsletter.  Here’s just a small sample of  the profit boosting strategies I’ll be covering: (1) Seven idiot proof marketing strategies that will skyrocket your sales and profits in 30-days; (2) How to double or even triple your profits doing “multi-step” marketing; (3) The amazing secrets to getting a flood of hot, qualified prospects to call you; (4) How to generate the maximum amount of money from every minute you spend working; (5) How to generate automatic referrals and renewals without asking for them; and (6) Ten sure-fire steps to making a six-figure income in your business; and much, much more.
  5. One Year Subscription To The “Cash For College” Turn-Key Monthly Client Newsletter
    (Value: $720 per year)

    Now, you can be the author of your very own turn-key monthly college funding newsletter to send to prospects, clients, referrals, and centers of influence without writing a single word. This is, by far, one of the easiest and most profitable prospecting and marketing “tools” ever invented. You will automatically receive a brand-new client newsletter each month on CD, which you can customize, print, and send out in the mail or by email each month to your clients and prospects. Most members report an instantaneous increase in their sales and profits within 30-days of using this amazing tool!
  6. Four Certificates For FREE Telephone Consultations
    (Value: $200)
    Whenever you have questions about the “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™, or you would like to know how to apply it to your unique situation, just use one of your telephone consultation certificates.  A member of our highly trained support staff will answer any technical or marketing questions you have.  You can use your consultations to discuss college funding issues, advanced planning strategies, how to maximize your prospecting and marketing results, and other key questions you feel can only be answered by a trained member of the “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ support team.
  7. Updates On The Latest Trends And Strategies Affecting The College Funding Industry
    (Value: $99/year)
    The college funding rules and regulations are constantly changing and evolving.  It’s important to stay up-to-date on these trends and strategies so you’re one step ahead of the competition, and you’re always providing your clients with current and accurate information.  As a “Future Millionaire’s Club” member, we will send you periodic updates throughout the year that are especially important to our industry.

Total Value: Over $1055 Per Month
FREE For 60-Days!

Important Note: New “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ members automatically receive a 60-day FREE trial of the “Future Millionaire’s Club” membership when you sign up for either the Gold or Platinum System . After your 60-day FREE trial, membership is automatically maintained for only $42.95 a month.  You can discontinue your “Future Millionaire’s Club” membership without being billed prior to the end of your FREE 60-day trial period, or any time thereafter, by simply calling or faxing the main office.