Insurance Marketing Information System:


“How Any Insurance Agent Or Financial Advisor Can Add To Their Existing Business With Absolutely NO Cold Calling, Hard Selling, Or Begging For Referrals!”

Dear Fellow Financial Professional,

In the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal to you exactly how insurance agents and financial advisors like Tim Austin, Chris Mediate, Ralph Cordell went from average incomes of $3,755 a month to average incomes of $23,855 per month within 6-12 months using a breakthrough new insurance marketing information system.

What I’m about to share with you are the exact strategies and techniques that over 6,287 agents and advisors from around the country are using to quietly add thousands of dollars each month to their existing businesses with absolutely no cold-call prospecting.

This breakthrough new insurance marketing information system reveals the exact strategies and techniques are the exact same ones I’ve personally used over the past 11 years to attract thousands of new clients to my own business.

In this Report, I’ll reveal, for the first time ever

bullet How to eliminate cold calling and instead have motivated ready-to-act clients call you…
bullet How to earn revenue for every client regardless of whether or not they purchase financial products or services…
bullet How to generate a steady stream of unsolicited referrals from satisfied clients, CPAs, attorneys and other financial professions…
bullet How to get clients to divulge their entire financial situation to you within 15 minutes of meeting with them…
bullet How to have clients actually ASK YOU to move their savings and investments into high commission insurance & financial products…

Everything you’ll discover in this Special Report is based on thousands of hours of real-world “in the trenches” experience.

The strategies and techniques I’m going to reveal often defy “conventional” wisdom about how to sell insurance and financial services. Many of them are the exact opposite of what you’ve been taught at industry seminars and by most other insurance marketing information systems.

Which is exactly why they work so well-when you use them, you’ll have virtually NO COMPETITION because you’ll be doing things differently than every other agent and financial advisor in your area.

Before we get into the “nitty-gritty” details of the exact strategies agents and advisors around the country are now using to make very successful careers for themselves, I’d like to discuss the 5 biggest mistakes most other insurance marketing information systems make that prevent agents and advisors from generating an automatic six-figure income and…

How To Avoid Them!

Understanding these 5 critical mistakes will help you avoid being confused or misled by the majority of ineffective prospecting and marketing advice that has flooded our industry — and it will show YOU exactly what to do to start earning a consistent six-figure income while working only 30-hours a week.

So, without further ado, here are…

“The 5 Biggest Mistakes That Prevent Most Insurance Agents And Financial Advisors From Making A Six-Figure Income—And How You Can Avoid Them”


“Trying To Sell FUTURE Needs Instead Of Immediate Needs”

presenterThis is probably THE biggest mistake almost every insurance agent and financial advisor is making. You’ve probably been taught to explain to your prospects how they’ll be covered in the event that someone dies or becomes disabled sometime in the future. Or you’ve been told to try to paint a picture of how important it is to be saving for retirement, and how a few dollars a month invested into an annuity or retirement plan will result in a nice guaranteed nest egg in 20 years.

All of these things are true, but they’re extremely difficult to sell because they’re FUTURE needs, not immediate ones. There is no compelling reason for your prospect do something today, instead of tomorrow.

Almost every person these days has a very shortterm perspective on life. The only thing prospects really want to buy is something that will satisfy their IMMEDIATE needs.

If they get hurt, they’ll pay a doctor to heal them. If they get sued, they’ll pay a lawyer to keep them out of jail. That’s why doctors and lawyers can be some of the absolute worst marketers in the world and STILL make very nice incomes — they are selling IMMEDIATE needs.

Most likely, you’ve been taught to try to get around this problem by creating a false sense of urgency. Managers and trainers tell you to create urgency by using all the standard “objection handling” techniques and canned closes that never worked very well in the past and certainly don’t work for today’s skeptical prospects.

Fortunately, the way to avoid this critical mistake is quite simple. All you have to do is offer your prospects a product or service which satisfies one of their most pressing IMMEDIATE needs. In just a few minutes, I’ll show you exactly how to do just that- but right now, let’s go on to the second biggest mistake that keeps most insurance agents and financial advisors from earning a six-figure income…


“Being A ‘Jack Of All Trades’ And Master Of None”

Many agents and advisors seem to think that the more designations they get and the more product knowledge they acquire, the more money they’ll make.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

It doesn’t matter how good an agent or advisor you are, how well you know your products, or what designations you have, you’ll eventually go broke if you don’t have a steady stream of new prospects to talk to…

frustrated-guyTherefore, the most important skill you can ever master as an insurance agent or financial advisor is MARKETING. If you know how to get your phone to consistently ring with qualified prospects who are motivated and ready to take action right now, you’ll make a substantial income, even if you have far less product knowledge or experience than many of your peers.

Advisor Tim Austin, who’s now making over $1.4 million a year in sales, loves to tell the story of how he learned the importance of this principle by watching the movie “City Slickers.” In the movie, they kept talking about the “one thing.” He says the real key to succeeding in the financial services industry is to have your own “one thing.”

In other words, the “one thing” that makes you stand head and shoulders above every other agent and advisor in your area. In The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™, we call this your “USP”, which stands for Unique Selling Proposition- it is the “one thing” that attracts prospects to you and makes them want to do business with you, rather than anyone else.

For Tim Austin, his “one thing” is offering college funding services in addition to insurance and financial services — no one else in his area helps parents save money on college tuition, like he does. This makes him totally unique and gives prospects a reason to do business with him, instead of any other agent or advisor in his area. Then, once he’s developed a relationship with his new client and saved them thousands of dollars on college tuition, he can offer them his insurance and financial planning services.

This formula works extremely well — Tim closes nearly 90% of the prospects he meets with and he’s even had prospects drive 100 miles just to see him! We’ll talk more about Tim later, but for now, let’s move on to…


“Not Charging Fees In Addition To Commissions”


This is a huge mistake! You provide your clients with an extremely valuable service and you should be paid for your time and expertise. In other words, you should be charging fees in addition to your commissions. Many agents and advisors are concerned that by charging fees they will have compliance or NASD issues. This would be true if you were charging a fee for “investment advice.” But in a moment, I’ll explain how you CAN charge a fee for a consulting service that has nothing to do with financial products or services.

This does two important things for your insurance or financial services business:

  1. First, it prevents clients from wasting your time and makes sure that you’re paid very handsomely every time you meet with a client.
  2. Second, it suddenly transforms you from an “unwanted salesman” to a “trusted advisor” in the eyes of your prospects. If your prospect knows you only make money by selling him products, he’ll be suspicious of every recommendation you ever make. If, however, the prospect has hired you as his “advisor”, he’ll hang on every word you say and be far more likely to go forward with your suggestions.

Let me give you an example to illustrate what I mean:

Have you ever heard of a doctor saying, “You know, you really should get that open heart surgery, and I’ll tell you what, I won’t charge you a dime to do the surgery, but if you live through it, you have to pay me a $10,000 commission!”

Of course not — that’s because Doctors have learned this lesson well. They provide a valuable service, and so they charge fees to compensate for their time and expertise. You’re like a “financial doctor” for your clients. The services you provide are at least as valuable as a doctor and you should be paid accordingly.

After I shared this principle with advisors, Jan and Tony Esposito, they began offering college funding services in addition to their other financial services and products. In less than 12 months, they more than doubled their fee-based revenue from clients who paid them a fee of $995 each,before they ever offered them any financial products.

The most common reason most agents and advisors tell me they’re not charging fees is that they believe they need to be a registered investment advisor or have some sort of additional license to charge fees in addition to commissions. If you were offering investment advice, this would certainly be true. But it requires NO additional license for you to get paid a fee for offering other types of advice or services, such as the college funding services that Jan and Tony Esposito and many other successful agents and advisors are now offering.

Later in the Report, I’ll show you an easy way to immediately start offering services you can charge fees for, but for now, let’s go on to the next biggest mistake most agents and advisors are making…


“Focusing Only On Large Ticket Sales To Narrowly Defined Target Markets Like Seniors”

bullseyeThis one is almost absurd — yet many agents and advisors are making this critical mistake right now. It seems like almost every day, someone calls our office and the conversation invariably goes something like this:

“I only sell to retirees with net worth’s of at least $2,000,000 who will meet with me on Tuesday during the day.”

“Really? That’s great. Sounds like you’ve really got your target market defined. So how many of those prospects did you meet with this week?”

“This week? Geez, I only see about one of them every month, but when I sell them, I make $10,000 in first year target premium.”

“That’s nice- so how long does it take you to sell one of them?”

“Oh, about six months.”

Don’t make this mistake.

You must get to clients before they’re ready to retire. If you don’t, they will already be working with another agent or advisor.

Successful agents and advisors do small deals regularly to provide them with a steady income and build up some momentum so when they do have the chance to sell the “big one,” they’re not so burned out from months of rejection and low income that they miss their big chance.

In a moment, I’ll show you the best way to consistently get at least one new client every single day, but now I want to move on to…


“Not Selling To A Starving Crowd”

wrong-target-audienceHave you ever heard the story about two brothers who were going to open a hamburger stand. It illustrates this principle perfectly:

It seems the two brothers were quite competitive, and so they had a bet on who… could make the most money from their hamburger stand. The younger brother, George, told Ned that he could have any advantage he wanted for his own hamburger stand.

Ned thought for a minute and said, “All right- I want the best hamburgers in town.”

“Fine,” George said, “Your hamburgers will be better than mine. Now what other advantage would you like?”

“I want the cleanest, nicest-looking restaurant in the entire state.”

“Fine,” George said, “Your restaurant will be the best around. What other advantage would you like?”

“I want the friendliest, best waitresses.”

“No problem. What other advantage do you want?”

“I want the best location for my hamburger stand.”

“You got it- the best location is yours.”

By this time Ned was feeling a bit smug about winning their bet. After all, George had given him every advantage he wanted, so there was no way he could lose.

So when George said, “I would like to have one thing for my hamburger stand, though…”

Ned gladly obliged: “Anything you want, you got it.”

George couldn’t help but smile: “The only thing I want for my hamburger stand is a starving crowd inside it!”

And then he went on to win the bet by a landslide.

So what’s that story got to do with selling insurance and financial services?


Even if you do EVERYTHING else right in your insurance or financial services business, if you make the one mistake of not selling to a “starving crowd,” your income will be mediocre at best.

Many of the agents and advisors I talk to are trying to sell seniors or other similar high net worth markets. They assume that just because these people have money, they’re automatically good prospects for insurance and financial services.

Nothing could be further from the truth:

Seniors have already had 20-30 of their prime earning years to develop relationships with OTHER insurance agents and financial advisors. They are most definitely NOT a “starving crowd” and they’re actually one of the toughest markets to sell to, not the easiest.

Let’s go back to one of the examples I talked about earlier with doctors.

Why do you think doctors make so much money? It’s definitely NOT because they’re good salespeople or marketers. In fact, they’re some of the absolute worst around. Yet their waiting rooms are always packed with people wanting to see them.

Have you ever thought about what they’re doing that you’re not? They’re marketing to a starving crowd. If you’re sick, you’ll gladly wait all afternoon and pay whatever fee your doctor charges. If you have a heart attack, you don’t negotiate fees with your doctor and you don’t postpone your date for open-heart surgery because there was something else you’d rather do that day. No, you march right into the doctor’s office, tell them to schedule you right away, and in most cases, never even ask what the doctor charges to do the procedure.

Why? At that point, you have an “immediate need” and you’ll do whatever it takes to get your problem fixed.

To be a successful insurance agent or financial advisor in the new millennium, you must find your own “starving crowd” and offer them whatever it takes to immediately satisfy their hunger. Unfortunately, because insurance and financial services are at best a future need, it’s tough to find a “starving crowd” of prospects for your products and services.

That’s why you need to turn the tables on your prospects and offer them services which satisfy their most pressing IMMEDIATE needs before you ever offer them insurance or financial products. This strategy quickly turns even your lukewarm prospects into a “starving crowd”.

Tony Esposito had this to say,

“I’ve been selling insurance for the past 7 years and never came close to a six-figure income until I stopped making this mistake. Once I started marketing to a ‘starving crowd’ of parents who are desperate to figure out how to pay for their children’s college education, my income skyrocketed. Now, I’m comfortably earning five figures every month.”

Many other agents and advisors that I’ve shared this strategy with are now enjoying similar results.

Now I want to show you…

How To Add Extra Income Every Month To Your Existing Business:

Over the past ten years, my research team and I have personally invested over 10,000 man hours and $1.2 million dollars to dissect and thoroughly analyze each element of the insurance and financial sales process and create a single “Master Strategy” that any insurance agent or financial advisor can use to realistically generate a six-figure income in the shortest amount of time… with the least amount of risk… and for the lowest possible investment of time and energy.

We call the “Master Strategy” we developed The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™.

This system contains breakthrough techniques NOT being taught by any of our industry’s seminars, trade journals, or top sales trainers.

In the rest of this Special Report, I’ll be revealing exactly how it works and how you can start using it to skyrocket your personal production.

Right now, over 6,287 agents and advisors from the top five insurance and financial services companies in America as well as many smaller independent insurance and investment companies are using The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ to quietly add thousands each month to their existing businesses without working any additional hours or making a single cold call.

As I mentioned earlier in this Report, the single most important advantage you could ever have as an insurance agent or financial advisor is to have a “starving crowd” of prospects for your product or service standing right outside your door.

The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ allows you to tap into what research has shown is…

“The Largest, Wealthiest, And Virtually-Untapped Market In The Country Today”

What is this “ideal” market with a built-in urgency to buy your insurance or financial services right now.

Ask yourself this: “What are the biggest expenses that most middle and high income families are saving for…”

Four come to mind: A house, a car, retirement, and a college education for their children.

Now, unless you want to go into the real estate or mortgage business, there’s not a whole lot you can do to help prospects with buying a house. With today’s easy financing and attractive lease rates, cars are pretty well taken care of, too.

You know you definitely CAN help them with retirement, but that’s a FUTURE need, and remember what we discussed earlier about how difficult it is to sell a FUTURE need?

That leaves a college education — which actually creates a retirement problem.

Let’s take a closer look at this one:

I know you’ve sat down with young couples and tried to explain how important it is to start saving for their children’s college education. And you’ve tried to show them how life insurance, annuities and other financial instruments are just what they need to ensure the future of their children.

Let me ask you, “How successful have you been at convincing them of this?”

Not very, I’ll bet.

That’s because you’re still trying to sell them a FUTURE NEED.

But, you know what?

When it comes time for Johnny or Susie (or BOTH!) to go to college, and mom and dad have to figure out how to pay for it, that’s another story. When faced with choosing between the prestigious private school which will insure a successful future for their children. . . or sending them to a cheaper state or local school. . . guess what? Mom and Dad now regret not having done something sooner.

Well, It’s Too Late For Them To Do Anything About It Now, Right?

Not at all.

In fact, NOW is the time that mom and dad are behind the 8-ball. Their need is IMMEDIATE. It’s like being sued or coming down with a serious illness. They need to do something and they need to DO IT NOW.

vball.gif 15x15 Therefore, parents of college-bound high school students meet the definition of a “starving crowd” with a built-in urgency to do something about their problem immediately.

The next question you need to ask yourself is, “Will you ever run out of prospects if you focus on this market?”

According to the U.S. Department Of Education, there are more than 5,000,000 high school juniors and seniors preparing to attend college each year. This means you’ve actually got more than 5,000,000 fresh, NEW prospects every single year. By just about anyone’s definition, that’s undoubtedly a LARGE market, which totally replenishes itself every year.

Yet, despite its vast size, only several thousand of the more than 700,000 licensed insurance agents and financial advisors in the country are now going after this market.

Compare those numbers to virtually any other market and you’ll begin to understand why agents and advisors from around the country are now calling this market…

“The Biggest Insurance And Financial Services Goldmine Ever”

Now, just because this market is large and starving doesn’t automatically make it a good market for insurance agents and financial advisors. To generate a consistent high income, your market must also consist of prospects with significant discretionary income, who are willing to spend a portion of their income to pay you a fair fee for your time.

Let’s re-examine the college funding market to see if it meets this criteria:

One of the most common misconceptions about the college funding market is that it consists mainly of low-income families who would never be good prospects for your insurance and financial services. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Social Security Administration estimates that only 4% of the highest-income earners in the country- doctors, lawyers, business owners, and the like-will be financially independent when they reach age 65.

In other words, even the most highly paid people in the country don’t save enough money for college tuition and retirement.

A recent New York Times article said, “Despite being members of one of the best-educated, most affluent generations ever, many of the baby boomers are not saving nearly enough for their children’s college educations.”

The fact is that virtually all high-income prospects want to send their children to college-and many of them want to send their children to prestigious private schools.

According to the College Board, a New York nonprofit group that researches higher-education issues, the average annual cost to send a child to a private college is $23,302. And, even if the parents just want to send their children to instate public schools, the bill still comes to an average of $8,830 a year.

This means a family with two children going to private schools will be faced with a bill of $93,208 per child — or $186,416 just to send two children to the school of their choice for four years.

How many people do you know who have nearly $200,000 in liquid assets that they can use to pay for college costs? Very few, I bet.

This means that when it comes time to send their children to college…

High income, high net worth families are some of the best prospects for a fee-based service, which helps them pay for the exorbitant cost of sending their children to college.

They have discretionary income and are more than happy to spend a portion of it to pay you well for your time if you can show them how to pay for college without spending their life’s savings.

On top of that, there are literally millions of other families who don’t fit into the “high income” profile, but who would still be elated to pay you up front to help them pay for their child’s college education. Which makes this market…

The BEST untapped market available to insurance agents and financial advisors today!

Now, in order for you to make MAXIMUM income in MINIMUM time, your prospects should also have a built-in compelling reason to move their existing assets into high-commission insurance and financial products, while also starting to plan for their retirement.

Parents of college-bound students are the only market in the country where prospects have a built-in compelling reason to move their existing assets into high-commission insurance and financial products.

Why is this true?

Let me explain…

We already talked about how very few parents have saved the more than $186,000 necessary to send two children to private colleges. Despite the fact that they haven’t saved ALL of the money they need, many of them have saved PART of it. Unfortunately most of them have been advised to save it in the wrong places.

Due to the way the college financial aid formulas work, parents can save their money in one place and it counts against them receiving aid- but if they put that same amount into another place, they suddenly qualify for a substantial amount of “need-based” financial aid.

For example, one of the WORST places they could ever put money is in their children’s name, yet that’s exactly what virtually every parent does when they save money for college.

After studying hundreds of government documents, books, manuals, and formulas, I discovered that the only two places parents can put money that it won’t count against them in the federal and state financial aid formulas are insurance and annuities!

Fully understanding this critical discovery gives you one of the most profitable opportunities ever, because once you explain this virtually unknown fact to your clients…

Your clients will actually ask you to move their existing savings and investments into high commission financial products!

What could be better than that?

Especially if they are high income, high net worth parents who don’t qualify for traditional “need-based” financial aid, there are special little-known strategies that wealthier families can use to pay for their children’s education on a “tax-favored” basis which allows them to continue funding their retirement plans.

As one of the few agents or advisors in the country who understands this, YOU have a virtually untapped goldmine sitting right in front of you.

Now, let me show you how you can start cashing in on this incredible goldmine.

Marty Chenard, president of Advanced Business Strategies, Inc. and one of the foremost marketing advisors in the country today, has found that there are…

Three Levels Of Relationship You Can Develop With Your Prospects:

  1. “Trusted Advisor”
  2. “Consultant”
  3. “Salesperson”


As soon as you approach a prospect with a postcard mailing, sales letter, ad, or phone call that focuses on a specific product or service, your prospect immediately (and correctly) puts you into category #3, “Salesperson”. Your prospect has a high resistance to listening to you, places a low value on the information you give them, and probably won’t take action on your recommendations because they believe you’re just trying to sell products and earn a commission.

Traditionally, sales trainers and “prospecting gurus” will teach you to use what they call the “consultative selling” approach to get around this difficulty. They tell you to downplay the specific products and services, and instead offer an “insurance or financial audit” or “review of your prospects financial needs.” You then act like a “consultant” and make recommendations based on what you found in the “audit” or “review” you conducted for the client.

As you can see on the list, this is one step better than being perceived as a salesperson. Your prospects only have a medium resistance to listening to you and they place a fairly high value on what you say. However, if you’re using this approach, you’ll still have challenges getting a prospect to buy because they will carefully consider and judge all your recommendations before they take action on any of them. This is why it’s tough to sell a new prospect anything on the first appointment.

This is also why…

There’s a much easier prospecting approach that very few insurance agents and financial advisors even know about.

We call it the “Trusted Advisor” approach.

Basically, what this method allows you to do is instantly place yourself into the “Trusted Advisor” category, even with a new prospect you’ve never met with before. These prospects have a very low resistance to listening to you- in fact, they WANT to hear everything you have to say. They place a HIGH value on the information you give them- and are willing to compensate you very HIGHLY just for your time as well.

Plus, they will completely trust your recommendations and act on them immediately. This is why many of the agents and advisors using this approach now turn 70%-90% of their prospects into paying clients during their first meeting with them.

The key to being able to raise yourself from a “Salesperson” to the “Trusted Advisor” role is positioning yourself properly.

What you want to do is position yourself as THE local authority on quickly eliminating one of your prospect’s biggest problems.

After years of extensive research, I have found only one service which insurance agents and financial advisors can easily offer that allows you to position yourself as a “Trusted Advisor” BEFORE you ever meet with a prospect for the first time.

This service is called “College Funding.”

College Funding is a little-known service that allows you to get in the door with prospects who are parents of college-bound students.

The type of college funding we specialize in has absolutely NOTHING to do with private scholarship search services. Instead, we help parents increase their eligibility for “need-based” college funding programs, but even more importantly, we use “non-need based” strategies to help higher income, higher net worth clients to pay for their children’s college education on a “tax-favored” basis… even if they don’t qualify for financial aid.

When you offer this type of college funding service to your prospects and clients, you are helping parents send their children to college for the lowest possible out of pocket cost.

Based on the financial data your prospects will openly share with you during your first meeting with them, my team of highly trained experts will create a proprietary, highly personalized “College Financial Planning Report” for your clients.

This Planning Report is not merely a computer generated list of scholarships (like that offered by some other services). It is personally created by one of the trained college funding specialists on my staff and includes four important sections:

Section 1: First, it gives you the exact line-by-line answer keys for your clients to use to fill out all the required financial aid forms. This saves your client many hours of time, and prevents them from making common mistakes that could cost them thousands of dollars in lost funding.
Section 2: Second, it shows your clients exactly how to value their home and other properties for purposes of obtaining maximum funding. Most people OVER value their real estate on the financial aid forms. Once again, this mistake reduces the amount of financial aid they qualify for. With the easy formula included in the Client Report, you can show them how to properly value their home and other properties to qualify for the maximum amount of funding.
Section 3: Third, the Client Report gives your clients a detailed list of how much funding their child will qualify for at each of the schools they’re considering attending. Since every school has different amounts of aid available, this section is vital to your clients so they can see exactly how much it will cost them to send their child to each school. Often, this section of the Report reveals that is LESS expensive to send their child to a prestigious private school than a state university, since private schools often have more financial aid money available to incoming students.
Section 4: And, fourth, the Client Report contains specific recommendations about the most cost-effective strategies for your clients to pay for their children’s college educations without spending their life savingseven if they don’t qualify for “need-based” financial aid!

Once clients see this section of the report, it’s common for them to ask:

“What should I do with my assets so I can minimize my college expenses and continue funding my retirement plan?”

This is the key to additional sales. Someone like you who really understands insurance and financial planning can say something like…

“Let’s start by reviewing your current financial situation, and see what your best options are for funding your child’s college education. Then, let’s see how that fits in with other important areas of your financial life such as retirement planning, taxes, insurance, etc.”

The agents and advisors using this approach end up turning an average of 50-75% of these clients into long-term insurance and financial planning clients worth an average of $7000 per year with just one simple statement like that.

Now, think about this for a minute:

When you use first approach your prospects with college funding services instead of traditional insurance or financial products, you immediately become a “Trusted Advisor” who your prospects perceive as someone who can help them solve their most pressing financial problems.

Then they pay you (depending on what your market will bear) to help them figure out how they are going to finance their children’s college education. And, due to the way the financial aid regulations are written, many of these clients will also ASK YOU to move some of their savings and investments into high-commission insurance and financial products that are not assessed by the college funding formulas.

Plus, because aid must be applied for each year their child is in college, they must go through this whole process another three or four times, which gives you the chance to generate almost automatic sales because once you help your clients pay for college the first year, they’re sure to want you to help them save them money in all the subsequent years of their child’s college education, too.

And, many of these clients will have more than one child going to college, so you’re sure to generate easy additional sales when each of the younger children is ready to apply for college.

Our private research shows that most of the agents and advisors using this approach average appointments with 6-12 qualified prospects per week. They close an average of 70%-90% of these prospects on the college funding service, and 50-75% of them on additional sales of other insurance & financial products and services.

And, every single one of these agents and advisors is preparing to substantially increase even those high numbers because the market for college funding services is about to explode.

Here’s why:

All markets follow what is called a “Maturity Curve.” Basically, the Maturity Curve determines where the market is in terms of potential profit opportunities for those who are selling to that market.

The Maturity Curve contains three parts: Innovation, Maximum Growth, and Maturity. When a product is introduced, it is in the Innovation stage. Once it becomes accepted, it moves to the Growth phase and sales skyrocket. Eventually, sales top out and it enters the slow growth period of Maturity.

The only thing you really need to remember about the Maturity Curve is that 80% to 85% of all the profits are made in the Maximum Growth phase of a product or market.

This is exactly the phase that the college funding services market is now entering.

This means the idea of using a trained college funding expert to help parents with the process of obtaining the maximum amount of funding for college tuition has now gained popular acceptance and is on the verge of exploding as this market enters the Maximum Growth Phase in the very near future.

If you position yourself now as the college funding expert in your area, you’ll be able to ride this “tidal wave” of market growth and cash in on the huge profit opportunities it will bring with it.

Being one of the select few agents and advisors who can offer college funding services in your local area will be like being one of McDonald’s first franchisees or like buying WalMart or Microsoft stock before they went public.

In other words, the market will be growing so fast, you’ll have the potential to make substantial amounts of money, even if you aren’t a particularly aggressive marketer.

Now, for the first time ever, I’m offering YOU a chance to cash in on the explosion in this market by offering college funding services in your area.

Here’s How You Can Add Extra Income Every Month To Your Existing Insurance Or Financial Services Business With Absolutely NO Cold Calling:

Membership in The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™includes everything you need to profit from the rapid growth that is occurring in the college funding market. My team and I have taken the most powerful strategies we’ve developed over the last ten years and turned them into a step-by-step turn-key prospecting and marketing system. We’ve personally tested and used every single strategy we share with you, so we KNOW they work.

Becoming a member of The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ will help you avoid the painful learning curve I went through to discover, develop, test, and fine-tune these strategies.

In fact, with The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™, you’ll be able to start making money offering college funding services to your clients within 2 weeks of receiving your membership materials.

Our System includes all the background information you need to get up to speed as quickly as possible, as well as continuous, ongoing support, business-building strategies and tools to insure you’ll be as successful as possible… as fast as possible… and at the lowest cost and risk.

It doesn’t matter whether:

  1. You’re just starting out, or
  2. You’re a veteran who feels “stuck” at a certain earnings level, or
  3. You’ve got a fairly profitable business, but would like to add a lucrative new profit center, or
  4. You’re burned out on “traditional” insurance and financial services selling and looking for a new system to “recharge” your batteries, or
  5. You’re a top agent or advisor who is already making a substantial income, but who would like to earn more money, faster, and easier than you currently are.

No matter what category YOU fall into, membership in The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ gives you the opportunity to bring in extra income every month and anywhere from 10-25 new clients per month to your business… by offering college funding in addition to your insurance and financial services.

You’ll gain instant access to the latest, cutting-edge insurance sales and marketing strategies, which we are continually developing and testing. You’ll be kept up-to-date on the most recent changes in college funding or tax laws, which give you the opportunity for substantial short-term and long-term profits.

You’ll receive the most profitable marketing campaigns that members from all over the country are now using. And, you’ll be made privy to all of the most powerful confidential discoveries our research team makes as it continues to intensively study what works- and what doesn’t work- in selling insurance and financial services today.

There are two levels of Membership — Gold and Platinum.

Let’s look at each membership level individually, starting with the Gold Membership:

Gold Level Membership Benefit #1
The College Funding Client Report Processing Service

($700 value)

allsmallgoldThis is probably the most important part of your entire Membership. As a gold member, you’ll have unlimited access to our client report processing service for one full year. This service allows you to offer college funding services to clients in your local area- or anywhere else in the country, for that matter.

Normally, when a local client comes to us, we charge $795 to analyze their financial data and create their customized Client Report.

However, as a Member, we will create the individualized College Financial Planning Reports for your clients for the discounted fee of only $125 each. This allows you to generate substantial profits from your college funding clients.

Since you’ll be collecting your fee (typically $995-$1,495 from each client up front), you’ll be keeping $570-$770 on each sale you make. That means you’ll put 70%-84% of the college funding fee directly in your pocket, a far higher payout than virtually any other insurance or financial product you could sell.

The report processing service is easy to use. Here’s how it works:

When you sign up a new client, just send the financial data you gather into our office, along with your $125 processing fee, which covers the cost of having our team of experts analyze your client’s financial data and create an entire personalized report for your client showing them exactly what they qualify for, which schools they’re most likely to get aid from, and detailing specific strategies for paying for college.

Once your client’s individualized report is completed, we send it directly to you, so you can either forward it to your client, or set up a second meeting where you can talk to them about their insurance and financial planning needs.

Once you’re a “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ Member, you’ll also have the option of getting your own copy of our proprietary software so you can create these custom client reports on your own computer and keep your entire fee for yourself.

Which leads me to…

Gold Level Membership Benefit #2
Financial Services Business By Offering College Funding Services” Start-Up Manual “How To Add Extra Income Every Month To Your Existing Insurance Or
($500 value)

This is the “guts’ of the entire system. In this giant master manual, we reveal all of our proprietary prospecting and marketing strategies and techniques that you can use to add to your income every month with absolutely no cold-calling.

We ONLY release these confidential strategies to members of The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™, so you’ll be joining a select group of top insurance agents and financial advisors from across the country who have access to this life-changing material.

In your Master Manual, we show you exactly what to do… how to do it most easily… where the pitfalls are… what’s most important… what’s a waste of time… and what would be nice to do if you have extra time. You’ll complete a personalized marketing and business plan that maps out the most important techniques for your short-term… and long-term success.

Here’s just a small sample of the breakthrough strategies you’ll discover in The Master Manual:

[Image] bullet The exact system for setting 6-12 highly qualified prospects to CALL YOU each week.
[Image] bullet How to get your prospects to ASK YOU to sell them high-commission insurance and financial products — use this strategy and you’ll never have to “close” a prospect again.
[Image] bullet The 3 things you should NEVER do on a sales call.
[Image] bullet REVEALED: Our entire proprietary step-by-step “Client Attraction System”, which you can use to enjoy a comfortable six-figure income with absolutely NO cold calls.
[Image] bullet How to charge fees in addition to your commissions without violating compliance or NASD regulations!
[Image] bullet Our “Power Marketing System” that will magnetically attract more clients in a month than you now see all year!
[Image] bullet The unique selling proposition that gives you an almost unfair advantage over your competition!
[Image] bullet Our unique system for getting local high school kids to provide you with unlimited FREE leads and referrals.
[Image] bullet The “Secret” back door into accountants, attorneys and other professionals that will automatically get them to refer all of their clients to you!
[Image] bullet Our special system of target marketing and target farming that hits only those prospects who are likely to become your customers (so you don’t waste your valuable time with prospects who aren’t ready to buy now).
[Image] bullet “The Renewal Income System”: How to create unlimited streams of renewal income from your college funding business — implement this one strategy and you can make additional income each month next year without signing up a single new client.
[Image] bullet Our proprietary referral technique that produces an average of 4-8 Referrals for every client who signs up for your services.

Plus, you’ll also receive…

Gold Level Membership Benefit #3
“The College Funding Power Marketing Arsenal”
($500 value)

This is where you start to really cash in. In this manual, we have reproduced the most profitable sales letters, ads, postcards, special reports, and other marketing materials for quickly growing your insurance or financial services business by offering college funding services.

We hired some of the top copywriters in the country to create the materials in this system. The experts who created these campaigns charge over $6,500 plus a 5% royalty just for writing a single sales letter, but you won’t have to pay them a single penny because you’ll receive all of their best material in this powerful business-building manual.

All you do is add your name and phone number to the pre-done marketing campaigns in this manual, and you’re immediately ready to start offering college funding services in your area.

Nothing in this powerful manual is “theory” or “hype.” Every marketing piece you receive has been “market-tested” by members across the country, so we know they work in the real world.

Here is just a small sample of the most profitable marketing pieces you’ll receive:

[Image] bullet Our proprietary .24 cent postcard that generates a 4-8 % response on cold mailing lists all over the country!
[Image] bullet Our one page telephone script that produces 2-5 appointments per hour for everyone who uses it!
[Image] bullet The $39 classified ad that pulls in up to 41 leads every time it runs!
[Image] bullet A direct mail letter that produces an average of 6-12 appointments per week with qualified prospects who all call you!!!

But that’s not all, you’ll also get…

Gold Level Membership Benefit #4
Unlimited Duplication License For
“The College Funding Power Marketing Arsenal”
($500 value)

You’ll also receive a one-year license to duplicate and use all of the ads, postcards, letters, scripts, and special reports in our proprietary “College Funding Power Marketing Arsenal.” Your license will automatically be renewed each year as long as you remain a member. And you will NEVER pay a fee or royalty of any sort to copy and use these powerful marketing materials.

Which leads me to…

Gold Level Membership Benefit #5
“The Unlimited Profits And Success” Audio CD-Rom Training Series
($250 value)

This Audio CD-Rom Series — available ONLY to members, explains each marketing strategy and secret in detail so you can start making money immediately. You can use it in your car, home, or office to further hone your skills in getting and converting appointments. In this Audio CD-Rom Series, you’ll discover:

1. The most powerful method for getting a flood of qualified prospects to call you.
2. The step by step procedures to convert these prospects into buying and happy customers.
3. How to get the exact names of the people who desperately NEED your service and are willing to pay for it.
4. Simple step-by-step instructions for filling out all the financial aid forms…
5. The 10 Biggest Mistakes That Prevent Most Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors From Making A 6-Figure Income… And How To Avoid Them!
6. The Secret Of Endless Referrals: How to get your clients to automatically refer their friends and family to you.

We’re still not done, you’ll also get…

Gold Level Membership Benefit #6
“The College Funding Made Easy” Training Manual
($200 value)

This important manual walks you step-by-step through the entire financial aid application process and gives you all the background information you need to begin offering college funding services to your clients.

This manual explains in clear, simple language everything you need to do for your clients. It covers each section of the “Personalized College Financial Planning Report” we will prepare for your clients, and walks you step-by-step through how to complete (or have one of your staff members complete) all the required forms to make sure your clients receive the maximum amount of college funding possible.

After just 30 minutes of reading it, you’ll be able to intelligently explain the entire college funding process to your clients and walk them through each step they need to complete to qualify for the maximum college funding that is available.

You’ll also receive…

Gold Level Membership Benefit #7
“How To Close 9 Out Of 10” Sales DVD Presentation
($270 value)

This powerful DVD shows you the exact sales presentation top producing member, Tim Austin, uses to sign up 9 out of every 10 prospects he sees — without resorting to “objection handling” or “closing” techniques.

In this revealing DVD, you’ll get a private behind-the-scenes glimpse of Tim’s actual ‘90% Closing Ratio’ College Funding Presentation.

You’ll see first-hand how easy it is to make a sale using The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™. You’ll view every step of the process, including the greeting, using the confidential Fact Finder to gather financial data from the prospect, and the actual presentation of the college funding program. This confidential DVD will then take you all the way through the closing process, and you’ll watch how prospects will virtually ask you how they can do business with you, without you having to use traditional “objection handling” or “closing” techniques.

Plus, you’ll get…

Gold Level Membership Benefit #8
Word-For-Word Transcripts Of The “How To Close 9 Out Of 10” Sales DVD
($100 value)

I’m also going to send you word-for-word transcripts of top producing member, Tim Austin’s entire Sales Presentation DVD. This way, you’ll be able to study every word , how to say it, when to say it, and why to say it. These transcripts make it easy to review your entire presentation before going on an appointment or whenever you want to improve your own closing ratio.

That covers all the benefits of Gold Membership.

However, if you’re really serious about making MAXIMUM profits in MINIMUM time with your insurance or financial services business, I’d strongly recommend becoming a PLATINUM Level Member…

As a Platinum Level Member, you’ll receive all the Gold Level benefits, PLUS these $2,300 in additional membership benefits:

Platinum Level Membership Benefit #1
“Unlimited VIP Access To The Business-Building Telephone Advisory Service”
($1200 value)

allsmallWhen you enroll as a Platinum Level Member, you’ll get a special private number which connects you directly to my highly-trained college funding team of experts. You can call anytime Monday through Friday, 9-4:30 EST, if you have questions, need help, or want to discuss any aspect of your “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™. Our experts will immediately get you the answers you need. They have all the information and resources you’ll ever need to keep your business running smoothly.

ONLY Platinum Level members will receive unlimited VIP access to this Business-Building Telephone Advisory Service at no charge. Gold Level members must pay an extra $100 per month for access to this unique advisory service.

Platinum Level Membership Benefit #2
“The Advanced Marketing Arsenal”
($800 value)

This is a complete collection of the most profitable ads, flyers, scripts, press releases, postcards, and entire marketing campaigns that our most successful members have developed based on what we taught them in The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™.

Since members do not compete with each other, they have given me permission to share these strategies only with other Platinum Level Members. These are…

The best marketing strategies that my top-producing members are using in THEIR OWN businesses RIGHT NOW!!!

This powerful collection of marketing materials is not for sale — at any price, but you’ll receive a copy of it when you become a Platinum Level Member, if you agree NOT to share them with anyone who is not a Platinum Level Member.

With the Advanced Marketing Arsenal, you’ll instantly be able to “model” these winning marketing campaigns.

Here’s just a small fraction of the advanced marketing materials you’ll get access to:

[Image]bullet Top producing member, Tim Austin’s “Power Postcard”. It only costs him .28 cents to mail it, yet he gets 16-18 qualified prospects to call him each week. And it’s been responsible for generating more than $1.4 million in fees and commissions for him in the past 12 months alone!
[Image]bullet Michael Belcher’s new postcard that is pulling a consistent 8% response to a cold list of prospects who have never even heard of him.
[Image]bullet The flyer that Warren Titus faxes to local business owners- that generates a steady stream of prospects who all call him, and it doesn’t cost him a cent to fax out locally!
[Image]bullet The exact ad Bob Krulish uses to generate more than 1,000 leads a month from a small community newspaper — and best of all, it only cost $25 dollars to run it!
[Image]bullet The “Workshop Evaluation Forms” our Top Producing Members use to get 85% of the prospects who attend their college funding workshops to sign up for one-on-one appointments with them on the spot.
[Image]bullet The word-for-word course description that one of our top producing members uses in the adult education catalogs to describe the college funding class he teaches. This powerful script gets him rooms full of prospects at no cost to him — plus, he even gets paid for teaching the adult education class!

This Advanced Power Marketing Arsenal is truly the “best of the best” of what our Top Producing Members are using to add substantial sales and profits to their insurance and financial services businesses by offering college funding services.

Which leads me to…

Platinum Level Membership Benefit #3
“How I Went From $0 To $22,000 In Five Weeks Using The ‘Magnetic Client Attraction’ System™” By Top Producing Member, Tim Austin
($100 value)

When you become a Platinum Level member, we will give you a copy of this powerful live recording from our private archives. On it, Top Producing Member, Tim Austin reveals exactly how he went from startup to $22,000.00 in income in just five weeks — and how you can apply the same breakthrough strategies to your own business.

Tim also reveals exactly how he signed up 209 new clients in his first year, and the exact system he followed to build a $1.4 million a-year business in less than three years.

This is a live recording of a special session Tim did at one of our closed-door “Marketing Superconferences” and the only people we have permission to share it with are Platinum Level members.

You’ll also be entitled to…

Platinum Level Membership Benefit #4
“How To Generate Up front Fees Per Client, Ongoing Membership Fees, 85% Renewal Rates And An Average Of, At Least, 2 – 4 Referrals Per Client!”
By Top Producing Member, John Hollis
($100 value)

We recently recorded this at one of our private, by-invitation-only Marketing Superconferences. In this eye-opening powerful interview top producing member, John Hollis, reveal exactly how to generate up front fees per client, ongoing membership fees, 85% renewal rates, huge backbend cases, and an average of 2-4 referrals per client… by delivering a world class college funding solution!

Once again, this is a private recording from our confidential archives and we ONLY have permission to share it with Platinum Level Members.

As a Platinum member, you’ll also receive…

Platinum Level Membership Benefit #5
“How To Put Your Business On Auto-Pilot And Let Other People Make Money For YOU”
By Executive Director Of The ‘Magnetic Client Attraction’ System™ Brian Kay
($50 value)

One of the biggest complaints most insurance agents and financial advisors have is the sheer amount of work they think is required to make a six-figure income in this industry. During the past ten years, we’ve developed and tested a unique system which will eliminate most of the “busy” work from your life — and still allow you to make six figures-plus every year.

This unique system allows you to put the majority of your business on “autopilot” so you can focus on the things that are most important. In this eye-opening Audio CD-Rom Program, I personally reveal the confidential techniques our members are now using to set up vendors and part-time workers to do ALL the administrative and busy work in both their financial and college funding businesses.

You’ll be able to quickly do the same thing using the strategies I reveal in this program. Then, all you’ll have to do is spend a few hours a week supervising your operation.

Which leads me to your next Platinum-level benefit…

Platinum Level Membership Benefit #6
“How To Double Or Even Triple Your Business In The Next 90 Days” By Marketing Expert, Joe Polish
($50 value)

In this powerful Audio CD-Rom Program, direct marketing expert, Joe Polish, reveals little-known business-building secrets such as:

[Image]bullet How to tap into the goldmine lying dormant in your existing client base.
[Image]bullet How to use free recorded messages and free reports to triple the results you get from your advertising.
[Image]bullet How to use sequenced mailings to double your business.
[Image]bullet How to use a monthly client newsletter to stimulate referrals and additional sales you otherwise never would have got.
[Image]bullet How to create loyal clients who keep coming back to you year after year.
[Image]bullet How to get existing clients to automatically renew with you year after year.
[Image]bullet What to do if you try a marketing strategy and it doesn’t work.
[Image]bullet Why taking shortcuts can dramatically reduce your marketing results.
[Image]bullet How to solve your biggest prospecting and marketing problems fast and forever.

And, last but certainly not least, you’ll also be invited to…

Platinum Level Membership Benefit #7
Special “Platinum Members Only” Brainstorming, Masterminding, And Business-Building Conference Call
($100 value)

When you become a Platinum Level Member, you’ll receive a private invitation to participate in a special brainstorming, masterminding, and business-building conference call with the Top Producing Members.

This conference call is like a “seminar on the phone” that you can attend without getting on a plane and going anywhere. In this special conference call session, you’ll interact directly with Brian Kay and fellow Platinum-level Members from across the country. This session will:

[Image]bullet Introduce the entire “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ main concepts and walk you through how to get started quickly… for the least cost… and minimum risk.
[Image]bullet Answer the most commonly asked questions new members have- and allow you to get your specific questions answered directly by our Executive Team.
[Image]bullet Introduce a successful member and allow him to share the marketing techniques and strategies he is currently using to build his business. You’ll learn exactly what’s working best today — and you’ll be able to ask our “guest experts” questions about how to apply the strategies to your own business.
[Image]bullet Welcome you into the camaraderie of The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ Membership. You’ll begin to see why you aren’t alone anymore when you become a member. Many of our members from across the country have formed close friendships and this call will give you a chance to start getting to know your fellow members as well.

With your Platinum Level membership materials, you’ll receive the private access number to call to participate in this “Members Only” conference call. Remember, the ONLY way to get access to these calls is to enroll as a Platinum Member.

That’s $2,300 in ADDITIONAL Membership Benefits you’ll get when you enroll as a Platinum Level Member.

Now, before I tell exactly how you can enroll as a Gold or Platinum Member, I want to share one concept with you that separates the top income producers from the average income producers:

“All Top Insurance Agents And Financial Advisors Make Decisions Fast!”

That’s right — I’ve found that the top producers are almost always the ones who make quick decisions to grow their businesses and then stick to those decisions until they produce.

The same holds true for our Top Producing Members- Almost invariably, our most successful members are the ones who just said, “Let’s go for it!” when they discovered The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™

So to encourage you to step up to the plate and make a quick decision to join our team – I’ve reserved these additional valuable, business-building bonuses, which I’ll send you…


If you become a “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ Member before midnight,

“Fast Response” Free Bonus #1

The “QUICK START” System
($100 value)

Your“Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ begins with this specialized “road map” for you to use to get up and running as fast as possible. This concise manual and audio CD-Rom contain your complete “game plan” for quickly generating qualified leads by adding college funding services to your business. You’ll learn the absolute fastest — and LEAST EXPENSIVE — ways we have discovered to start signing up college funding clients in less than two weeks.

At the end of your first two weeks, you can expect to have your first new clients ready to pay your fee for helping them with their college funding needs. These fees will easily pay for your entire cost of becoming a member and give you extra cash to reinvest in the breakthrough marketing strategies you’ll learn in the rest of The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™.

Plus, you’ll get the double benefit of having many of these new college funding clients IMMEDIATELY ask you to help them with their short-term (college funding) and long-term (retirement planning) insurance and financial planning needs.

Once you complete the Quick Start program, you’ll be ready to move on to the rest of The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™.


Now, let’s look at what you’ll get in the second Fast Response Bonus, which I’ve reserved for you FREE as well…

“Fast Response” Free Bonus #2

60-Day Trial Subscription To The Members Only Monthly “Marketing Breakthroughs” Newsletter
($60 value)

You’ll receive a FREE two month subscription to my highly acclaimed ‘Members Only’ Monthly “Marketing Breakthroughs” Newsletter. I’ll reveal the latest marketing strategies that are working for Top Producing Members across the country.

No fluff. No hype. Just proven strategies and techniques that work in the real world.

I’ll show you how to get (and keep) your business on the “fast track” of growth, “fine-tune” your presentations, and squeeze every single ounce of profit out of every opportunity you’re ever presented with.

Chances are slim you’d uncover even a small fraction of the valuable information contained in each issue on your own… even if you were willing to spend all of the hours my research team and I devote… to analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, and testing the strategies I reveal to you each month in the Members Only Monthly “Marketing Breakthroughs” Newsletter.

But that’s not all, if you act quickly, you’ll also receive…

“Fast Response” Free Bonus #3

“Today’s 12 Most Powerful Strategies For Building Your Insurance Or Financial Services Business”

These 12 Special Reports are a $200 value, but you’ll get them all FREE if you’re one of the first 27 advisors to enroll. These Reports are handsomely bound in one information-packed reference manual, and include strategies revealed in past issues of The ‘Members Only’ Monthly “Marketing Breakthroughs” Newsletter. Each Special Report details an entire business-building strategy. You’ll discover:

  1. The easy way to make a fortune marketing to the parents of high school juniors
  2. The lowest risk, lowest cost marketing methods for someone just starting out
  3. How to get a flood of glowing testimonials
  4. The surprising single key difference between the top 20% of producers and everyone else
  5. The art of consultative selling- how to close 90% of your prospects without ever using a ‘closing technique’
  6. Marketing lessons I learned on my honeymoon
  7. The simple way to generate a steady stream of super-qualified leads from attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals
  8. How to write ads and letters so good you could sell ice to an Eskimo
  9. The 9 sure-fire steps to an easy six or seven figure income
  10. 10 simple resolutions to jump-start your profits
  11. How to use ‘sequence marketing’ to double or triple your profits
  12. The secret way to make more money this year than you ever have before — while only working 30 hours a week!

That’s over $600 in ADDITIONAL business-building bonuses you’ll receive FREE when you enroll before midnight,

Now, what you’re probably wondering is…

“What’s The Investment To Become A ‘Magnetic Client Attraction’ System™ Member?”

Not a penny if you use your“Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ and other membership benefits- because it’s going to make you a whole lot more than the small investment required (Guaranteed.)

To more directly answer, your total investment to become a Gold Level Member for one full year is just $1.47 a day — which works out 2 easy monthly installments of only $268 each for your one-year Gold Level Membership.

To get the additional $2,400 in benefits you receive as a Platinum Level Member, your total investment is just .57 cents more a day — which comes to a total of $2.04 a day — or just 3 easy installments of only $248 each for your one-year Platinum Level Membership.

At the end of your first year, it is up to you to decide if you want to continue your membership in this exclusive program.

Your investment to maintain your Gold or Platinum Level Membership in subsequent years is only $19.97 per month, which entitles you to continue receiving all of your ongoing membership benefits.

Remember, all you need to make is one college funding sale per year to cover your entire membership!

guaranteeThink of it this way:

Have you ever met or talked to anyone who is sending their child to college? What if you GUARANTEED to help them send their child to college without having to spend their life’s savings, wouldn’t you agree they’d probably be quite happy to pay you a modest fee for your service?

Of course they would — and there must be at least one person – friends, family, business associates, your current clients, whoever — that you know who are in that situation. One client at $995 – $1,495 (which is the average fee charged by top producing members nationwide) repays your entire annual membership investment immediately.

That makes it completely risk-free to become a “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ Member… but I wanted to make it Better Than 100% Risk-Free for you, so I’m offering you my…

100% Unconditional, “Better Than Risk Free” DOUBLE Guarantee:


First, you get a Full 90-Day UNCONDITIONAL Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

You have a full 90 days to examine, test, and USE The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™. If you’re not amazed at your results or thrilled with the System for ANY reason or no reason at all, simply return it, and you’ll get a FULL refund of your entire membership fee issued immediately (less shipping and handling costs). No hassles, no fine print, no weasel clauses.

This is a full, 100% money-back guarantee for up to 90 days from the date you become a member.


You must make at least $30,000.00 in additional income within the next 6 months using The ‘Magnetic Client Attraction’ System™ — or it won’t cost you a single cent!

If, within your first six months as a “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ Member, you haven’t made at least $30,000.00 as a direct result of using the strategies contained in our proprietary system, all you need to do is send us some type of proof that you used at least one Strategy, ask for a refund, and you’ve got it…. every penny back (less shipping and handling costs) within your first six full months!


Why would we offer you such a bold guarantee?

As I told you before, we’re in this business for the long haul, and we’re looking for long-term members, so we figure if we make it Better Than 100% Risk-Free to become a member, you’ll be willing to give The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ a try.

We have nothing to fear by offering you such a bold guarantee because we KNOW that once you do give our system a try, your income will skyrocket so quickly, you’ll want to remain a member for life. And YOU have nothing to fear because if you don’t love The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™… if you don’t think it’s more valuable than every other prospecting and marketing system you’ve ever invested in combined… just send it back within your first six months, and you’ll get 100% of your membership investment back immediately (less shipping and handling)!

There’s NO WAY you can lose! We’re taking ALL the risk on this deal.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

Why Am I Willing To Offer You All Of These Membership Benefits For Less Than Three Dollars A Day?

Simply because I want to be absolutely certain that once you decide to become a member, you’ll remain a “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ for life.

I’m convinced that you’ll be so excited by the results you achieve — the impact on your bottom line income and on your entire life — that you’ll continue to expand your insurance or financial services business for years to come.

Then, you won’t mind reinvesting a tiny fraction of your newfound profits by maintaining your membership in subsequent years.

So I’m willing to invest in you up front… to make it almost a “no-brainer” decision for you to become a H Memberbecause I know I’ll profit from our relationship for years to come if I help you make more money than you’ve ever made in your entire career.

Now, with the thousands of dollars in membership benefits you’ll be getting PLUS the protection our 100%, better-than-risk-free, DOUBLE guarantee offers you, I could only think of one other thing that may cause procrastination…


I understand that, from time to time, cash flow can be kind of tight. So, to help you out, you can even split your Gold Level Membership investment into two equal monthly installments of only $268 each.

Or, you can enroll as a Platinum Level Member, and split your membership into three equal monthly installments of only $248 each.

Either way, your membership will be activated for the next 12 full months. And, if you choose to continue your membership at the end of your first year – we will automatically maintain your membership as long as you wish for only $19.97 per month, which entitles you to keep receiving all the Member Benefits for your current level of membership.

Now, since we’re not a “bank”, we’d much prefer if you took care of your membership in one installment. And to give you an incentive to do that, I’ve arranged to send you…

An additional $100 bonus ABSOLUTELY FREE if you take care of your first year’s membership in one installment.

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

“How To Sell Without Objections” 60-Minute DVD By Prospecting And Marketing Expert Jeff Paul
($100 value)

This DVD by insurance and financial services prospecting and marketing expert, Jeff Paul, reveals his brand-new proprietary “Selling Without Objections” techniques.

Here’s just a fraction of the powerful techniques Jeff reveals in this 60-minute DVD:

[Image]bullet Why almost everything you’ve been taught about selling is backwards- and what to do about it.
[Image]bullet How to get new clients without ever using “closes” or “objection handling” techniques.
[Image]bullet Why you should never “sell” anything to your prospects — and what to do instead.
[Image]bullet How to eliminate the pressure and stress of insurance and financial services sales.
[Image]bullet How to “sell like a doctor”, instead of a salesperson, and much more.

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What Do You Have To Lose By Trying The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ On A Risk-FREE Basis?

Maybe some frustration and struggle. Maybe some long-held beliefs about selling insurance and financial services that are holding you back from making maximum sales and profits. Seriously, what DO you have to lose? Nothing. You’re fully protected by our Better-Than-Risk-Free DOUBLE guarantee. So really, the only way you can lose is by doing nothing and letting this opportunity pass you by.

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Once you start using The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™, your income will rise dramatically. All your money worries can finally end. Seasonal slumps can be a thing of the past stress will begin to disappear, and your business can be fun and exciting again. You will discover how to work less — and make more money.

Throughout this Special Report I’ve talked about increasing your income. But there’s more than just money at stake here. There’s LIFESTYLE.

I’ll let one of our current Top Producing Members, John Tillman, tell you what I mean:

“I have been an insurance agent for 15 years. I started in the business when I was 19 years old. I became a member about a year ago. At the time, I was very frustrated with the insurance business. I was not making anywhere near enough money. I was working very long hours and I was an employee of an agency whose principals truly believed that your job came first and your family came second. I had a real problem with this philosophy especially considering I was a month away from the birth of my first son.When I purchased The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™, my wife thought I was crazy, because at the time it truly was a large investment for us. She reluctantly agreed to go along with the idea of getting into the college funding business because she knew how unhappy I was.

One year later, I truly have to say, ‘Thank God!’ For the first time in 15 years I put my trust in someone (that would be you) and they not only delivered what they promised they delivered it 10 times better then the promised.

Over the past year The “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ has truly changed my life! For the first time ever, I have a steady flow of new prospects coming to my office and asking what they need to do to become clients. I no longer spend sleepless nights worrying about where my next sale is coming from. The best part of all this is I no longer work and make money for other people, I own the business.

Once again, my family and I would like to thank you and your staff for truly changing our lives and putting us on the path to a happy, healthy and financially promising future…”


Thanks, John. I think that sums it up very well.

Wouldn’t you like to start enjoying the kind of LIFESTYLE and peace of mind John is talking about?

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This is a positive decision you’ll be very, very glad you made — I GUARANTEE IT, and I’m looking forward to meeting you and helping you when you become a “Magnetic Client Attraction” System™ Member.

Brian Kay
Executive Director, Leads4Insurance / CASH College Funding, LLC

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Or, you can fax a printed membership enrollment form to the office 24 hours a day at: (516) 944-5275, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and receive a $5 fax discount. Otherwise, mail your completed Membership Enrollment Form, along with your check or money order to: Leads4Insurance / CASH College Funding, LLC, Dept. WB-1, 921 Port Washington Blvd., Suite 3, Port Washington, NY 11050. Whichever way you do it, you’ll be well on your way to making this year your best ever!!!

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Call 1-800-643-6143 9 am-4:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday…
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