Focusing Your Life Insurance Sales to More Closely Fit Clients’ Needs

Life – and business – are full of many opportunities, and because of that, there are countless people who opt to be a jack of all trades. But, while this “well rounded” approach may give the you the feeling that you can help everyone, the reality is that if you are a generalist, you won’t stand out to the people who need assistance with specific goals and needs.

Take, for instance, the life insurance business. This financial vehicle can solve for a long list of potential financial needs, such as:

  • Final expenses
  • Debt payoff
  • Income replacement
  • College funding

But trying to reel in customers by marketing that you can do all of this can have the effect of making you seem too scattered. In fact, the old jack of all trades phrase goes on to state that going this route will make you a “master of none.” And this can actually be detrimental when you are working to build up a profitable insurance sales practice.


Narrowing Down Specific Client Needs

One of the best ways of breaking the jack of all trades mold is to become a specialist in a certain area, and in turn, to seek out clients and prospects who are part of a particular niche. For instance, you could narrow down your focus to those who want to ensure that their child or grandchild will have enough money to attend college in the future.

Specializing in this (or any) particular niche can have a number of benefits – both for the client and the agent. One key advantage is that it can allow your prospects and clients to feel like you are speaking directly to them. Because of this, these individuals will perceive you as being an expert, and the one who can help them to solve their unique issues.

Being a master of your life insurance niche can require that you essentially weed out a lot of people as being viable prospects for your product. However, what it also does is pinpoint specific people who want and need what you have to offer – and who are happy to sit down with you move forward with the plan that you present, as it can solve their specific needs.

Because of your specialist approach, you will be better able to answer questions and address the concerns of your niche market far better than an advisor who works as a generalist, making your advice and services much more valuable to the client…even if the generalist is able to offer more products.

Taking this approach can also cement your position in the industry, and it can help you to move away from having to make “cold” prospecting calls much earlier in the process of starting and growing your insurance career.


How to Fill Your Prospecting Pipeline with People Who Want to Hear From You

Regardless of the niche you pursue in your life insurance business, it will still take time and effort to locate and market to your ideal prospects. Doing so, however, can be made much easier when you partner with an expert in life insurance lead generation.

If you want to start generating a consistent and predictable flow of leads for your business, which can end up generating thousands of additional commission dollars each month, we can help.

For more information, just simply give us a call now, toll-free, at 1-800-643-6143 and we will provide you with all of the details on how you can join the thousands of insurance agents are already making this process work for them.

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