Five Ways Life Insurance Can Aid You and Your Client’s Retirement Funding

Too often, insurance agents fall back into the comfortable clichés of life insurance.

They put too much of a focus on the “just in case” selling points of life insurance. Even if you and your prospects live in a natural disaster area, by now most people know what looms ahead of them.To them, pushing the “just in case” line can be seen as an attempt to play on their fears when really they aren’t fearing anything. In fact, they are expecting and already preparing for it.

So rather than trying to sell them on protection from something they already know may or may not happen, sell them on what will happen to them and nearly everyone they know.


Just about every prospect has ideas of what their retirement will be like – how old they’ll be upon retirement, where they’ll live, what they’ll do for fun, etc.

Even if they aren’t sure of the answers to those questions, people know they can’t do much in retirement without a comfortable cushion of cash.

The stock market has been wild since 2008. 401(k)s are growing old and outdated. Life expectancy is increasing.

Simple, single-paycheck retirements are a thing of the past. People need retirement income, and they are actively looking for it.

And if you tell them you have a solution to help them with that, you’ll have their undivided attention and interest.

Fact is, cash-value life insurance fits their bill. And so often they don’t even know that.

So instead of pitching the tired “just in case” approach, let prospects know of five major ways life insurance can aid his or her retirement funding. The whole article is worth a read. Here’s a recap.

1. As mentioned before, the global stock market is still volatile, and that is affecting 401(k) and pension plans. Cash-value life insurance provides additional financial security without the worry of the bottom falling out.

2. Life insurance can often cover lump-sum expenses such as a vacation or home remodeling project. Instead of taking out a line of credit and paying years of interest on it, these lump-sum expenses can be paid up front at face value.

3. Speaking of interest, lingering credit card debt can act like a parasite feasting on your financial dreams. Life insurance payouts can be used to pay down retirement-delaying debt.

4. At some point, tragically but naturally, one spouse will survive the other. That loss is also a financial loss. Life insurance can be a stopgap financial support and help maintain the same quality of life.

5. Medicare does not cover every medical expense. And right now, our elected leaders in Washington are strongly considering cutting or eliminating Medicare benefits as part of the grand bargain to balance our budget. Life insurance payouts are well spent when covering medical expenses that Medicare does not cover – or may not continue to cover in the future.

Never underestimate the many selling points of cash-value life insurance.

Be valuable.

John McCarthy
Managing Editor,

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