Are You Giving Clients Enough Ammo to Close Themselves?

“What others say about you, your service, or the products you sell is as much as a thousand times more powerful than anything you can say yourself.” ~Dan Kennedy

This statement isn’t just true. It’s a veritable mantra in our business.

It is the reason most Advisors close 9 out of 10 of the referred leads they get.

Compare that with the 5-of-10 close rate (at best) of leads generated at workshops.

Don’t stop doing workshops by any means. I’m just making a point. And that point is that you’ll make a heck of a lot more money if you spend more time working referred leads than any other leads you get.

Getting people to say how great you, your service, and your financial advice are will ultimately have a profitable impact on your back-end cases. In effect, the customers will know as much as they need to know before talking with you that they are sold before they walk in your office.

All you are really doing is allowing them to sell themselves, which saves you time, resources and energy. And wind for that matter!

This sales concept is known by many as third-party selling. It’s not a new concept, but it’s certainly a nuanced one. There is a difference between using it and abusing it. However, where that difference lies is hard to always know.

Before employing third-party selling, there a few steps you need to do to help customers sell themselves.

First, get to know your customers. This is most important for countless reasons. The obvious reason being it develops a connection and makes them want to buy from you, as opposed to just making them want to buy what you are selling.

The second reason is to conduct informal market research. What I mean by that: Getting to know them as a person gives you a window into what products they desire and why. And as you get to know many customers and prospects, you’ll start seeing some patterns and hearing repeated phrases from them.

This information is vital when you make a third-party sell because gives you a way to speak in their language – a more defined approach.

Here are 3 different times when you not only but you should be using third-party sources to increase your back-end sales.

No. 1: Use third-party information to help your client make a decision on back-end solutions you are offering them. (The Pirates of Manhattan Book and the annual Dalbar Study are just a few.)

No. 2: Use third-party information to help solidify your clients decision to move forward with the plan you recommended is the best option. (E-mail them articles, reports, and videos that reinforce what you are recommending.)

No. 3: Send them tips via e-mail or snail mail every month (or even more often) as long as they are a client. This will reinforce the work you’ve already done and possibly generate additional sales.

If you’re already using concept, keep it going. And do more if you can.

If you are not using any third-party materials, get started ASAP. You and your clients will be glad you did.

Be valuable.

John McCarthy
Managing Editor,


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