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3 Powerful Secrets To Massive Lead Generation

November 10th, 2016

No. 1: Identify your target market The riches are in the niches – yet most Advisors resist marketing to just one targeted market. First off, “everyone” is not your target market. If you’re serious about making money to retire with, you must niche. Problem is…if you have no idea where to start identifying which niche is THE ONE for you, how can you change lives with your product or service?

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How To Use Attraction Based Marketing To Keep Your Lead Pipeline Full

November 9th, 2016

I am sure you will have noticed what happens whenever a beautiful woman walks into a crowded room? People look at her. 

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Seven Idiot-Proof Insurance Marketing Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your Sales And Profits…

September 8th, 2016

Here’s one of Brian Kay’s top rated newsletter’s on insurance marketing ideas and insurance marketing strategies…

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The Amazing Secret To Getting A Flood Of Hot, Qualified Prospects To Call You

June 10th, 2016

I am going to teach you one of the best concepts that you could ever use for marketing universal life insurance, selling universal life insurance or generate clients for any financial services business.

The concept is called Host/Parasite. It’s also called Host/Beneficiary, endorsements, joint ventures, cross promotions, and many other interesting names.

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10 Tips for Staying Positive When the Leads are Slow

July 23rd, 2013

I write a lot about becoming successful and managing success. This time, the subject is about coping with slow spells.

Let’s face it: Everybody gets stuck in a rut once in a while. It’s natural and expected.

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Three Ways to Get Prospects to Take Action NOW

December 26th, 2012

There comes a time where you cannot afford to have a prospect delay a decision any further.

As much as you want them to become a client, it’s costing you time and energy you’d rather spend with paying clients.

So how do you get prospects to take action right now? Give them a reason that answers the question, “Why right now?” 

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4 Ways to Increase Insurance & Financial Services Sales Through Social Media

December 19th, 2011

Before we get into any tips about social media skills, one thing needs to be clarified right off the bat.

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How Insurance Agents Can Generate More Leads

September 30th, 2011

If you aren’t making six-figures…

If you are working to the bone six days a week…

If you are running out of leads…

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How To Use The Labeling Technique To Generate More Leads

August 25th, 2010

What if there was a few simple words you could say to any prospect that would instantly increase your persuasion ability by 10%, 20%, or even as high as 50%?

You would want to know what those few simple words were right?  Today, you’re going to learn those words.  And you’re going to learn why they work and when to use them.  Plus, I’ll give you a couple of real life examples of this ninja persuasion technique in action.

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3 Powerful Insurance Prospecting Methods

July 12th, 2010

3 Powerful Insurance Prospecting Methods

Without prospects something terrible happens – “nothing!’ Without a steady stream of leads, good advisors like you can’t prosper.  Here are three insurance prospecting marketing methods to implement immediately that will generate more leads for your insurance or financial planning practice.

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