The Best Advice On Making More Sales You’ll Read All Week

The following advice could be the number one difference that separates average sales people from Top Producers.  That’s how strongly I feel about this advice. And this isn’t just some hunch that I am going off of.
Over the last 14+ years I have studied very closely the habits and tactics of top producers.  And there is no more powerful persuasion technique than the one I am about to share with you.

From Sandler Selling Systems…

“Top performing salespeople never presume to know why someone is interested in buying, nor, after the sale, how the buyer is using the product.  They ask and ask and ask.

Salespeople who are not performing well or those that bounce up and down, constantly presume to know the answers to unasked questions.


Perhaps it is a pattern they have fallen into because they want the customer to know that they have all the answers.  And if they have all the answers, then the customer would be silly to not buy from them.

Another reason for presuming?

The salesperson feels “not-in-control” if the customer does most of the talking.  It’s easier and more comfortable for the salesperson to do the talking in the hopes that something said will make the customer buy.

But think of the customer who’s sitting in front of you.  The customer is interested in something.  The customer has reasons for being interested.  The customer feels that the reasons are important.  The customer wants to see if the reasons are important enough to part with the money.  Ignore this simple reality and lose the sale. Or, pay attention to this and help the customer make the decision by talking to you about what he wants.”

With most prospects, the thing they want most is to alleviate some type of concern they have been having. So your number one goal should be to find out what those concerns are.

Here are 7 Questions To Ask Prospects To Uncover Their Deepest Concerns

This particular questions have been adopted for the late stage college planning marketplace.  But with a few changes of the wording, they could be adopted to any financial planning niche market.

  1. What were you hoping to learn from this meeting today?
  2. What is your biggest concern as your oldest child is about to enter college?
  3. What is your current plan to pay for college?
  4. How do you feel about your current plan to pay for college?
  5. What is your biggest reason for wanting to come in here today?
  6. How long have you been thinking about this?
  7. How does that make you feel?  (after they respond to a previous concern question)

A really important point is that it takes on average 3 (possibly more) of these questions to get to the root of any prospects true and deep seeded concern.

For example, I was listening to a recording of an appointment of one of the Advisor’s in one of my coaching groups the other day in which the following transpired:

Agent: “What were you hoping to learn here today?”

Dad:  “Get more knowledge about the college process. And learn more about gift aid.”

Agent:  “What is your biggest concern going into this process?”

Dad: “The funding of it (followed by a nervous laugh).”

Mom: “I am very concerned about my son not getting into the right college and then having to spend 5-8 years in college and then choosing the wrong career. That is my WORST fear.”  (you could hear the pain and concern in her voice tone)

Then the Advisor went into the rest of the fact finder.

One more concern question would of really done the trick.  Regardless, this Advisor was on the right track to finding the BIG concern.

Once you know the BIG concern, it’s easy. All you have to do is match up the product or service you offer that will eliminate the prospects biggest fear/concern.

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