How To Use Attraction Based Marketing To Keep Your Lead Pipeline Full

I am sure you will have noticed what happens whenever a beautiful woman walks into a crowded room? People look at her.  In fact, some people will actually walk over to her and offer her a drink or strike up a conversation with her.  The reason we call these kind of physically striking people ‘attractive‘ is that they literally attract the attention and also the interest of other people.

So, you might be wondering at this point, what this has to do with marketing and lead generation for you financial services business?  The most successful Advisors and Insurance Agents I know all use the power of attraction in order to attract sales, clients, or customers!  Because the most successfully marketed Advisors gain the attention and interest of potential clients by making themselves attractive.

For example, one of my good buddies, John, relies exclusively on the Power of attraction for 100% of his sales income!  How?  He routinely does speaking engagements where he teaches the audience about a particular financial topic.  Since he has become a pretty effective speaker he routinely gets 70-80% of the room to request an appointment with him after they hear him talk.  All he does is ask if they want to learn more to fill out a free consultation request form.  He doesn’t attend any networking events, he doesn’t beg for referrals, and he certainly doesn’t do any cold calling.

Without using one ounce of “pursuit” style marketing, which you probably already know is quite painful, John has built himself a very nice seven-figure practice.

Most businesses get it the wrong way around. They choose to ‘pursue’ new clients and even though people are not responding to their letters, emails or calls; they just keep on grinding away regardless!  Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few Advisors and Insurance Agents who have built a career this way.  But quite frankly, being a pest to 90% of the people you meet is not a great way to make a living, I don’t care how much money you make.

The simple fact is that there are literally thousands of people in your area that could benefit from your service or products.  And to get their “attention” and “attract” them instead of “pursue” them you need to follow a few “law of attraction” rules.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Give great “what to do” advice on a major problem your target market is having but don’t actually explain exactly “how to solve it.” This might sound sneaky but it’s not if you do it correctly – because in order for you to give specific advice you need to gather details on that prospects particular situation.  Kind of like a doctor will not give medical advice until they have diagnosed the exact problem.
  2. Target a niche market.  For example this could be seniors who want more income,  parents with college bound kids or families in debt.   Do not be a jack of all trades. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell multiple product lines.  It just means that in your marketing you should target one groups problem at a time.  There is a saying, “there are riches in niches” which is correct. Who makes more money a pediatrician or a brain cancer doctor?  Pretty easy.
  3. Never have “commission breath.”  Or simply put, never act that like you need someone’s business.  My super successful Advisor friend John that I mentioned before describes this as the “pendulum theory.”  The more you push prospects away – the more they come back to you, just like a pendulum.

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