4 Ways to Increase Insurance & Financial Services Sales Through Social Media

Before we get into any tips about social media skills, one thing needs to be clarified right off the bat.

If you are hoping taking your business to the realm of social media will instantly multiple your revenue, you are mistaken.

If you think starting a Facebook page for your practice is all it takes to be successful is, you’re wrong again. And you’re cheap.

A lot of business owners mistaken view social media like they do the lottery. They think that the minimal investment and effort will pay off in a huge way.

They are blinded by the benefits of social media – a loyal following of customers who refer people in their social network to you. Some – if not many – like the idea of being popular or creating a “business personality.” Or some just like getting sucked into all the trivial matters of the web and wasting time on their company’s dime.

If it’s your business, you can’t afford to waste your time or money. There are ways you can improve your sales through social media. In fact, here are four.

  1. Develop relationships. Your first social media priority is to start and maintain relationships. Your thoughts going into social media shouldn’t be “money, money, money.” Every person you encounter shouldn’t be thought of as a potential customer. People can sense if you are trying to sell them from the onset, and it’s a huge turnoff. Put business on the backburner. That comes only after you’ve earned their trust.
  2. Be a referral source for others. This sounds like the opposite of what you intended your role on social media to be, right? However, being a referral source for others is crucial step to being on the receiving end of others’ referrals. The more you help others, the more your name is established as somebody who helps. As a result, people will want to help you. If somebody on Facebook or Twitter asks aloud for recommendations for a daycare, toss a suggestion their way. Same goes for a restaurant, book, lawyer, gift idea, anything. The point is that you cement the image of a connector who is genuine with their intentions.
  3. Have a daily presence. Social media is a 24/7 affair. If you show up once a week, you won’t even register on people’s radar. There is a lot going on and you have to make an effort to stand out. A general rule is a minimum of 30-45 minutes a day spread out throughout the day. One status update or Tweet isn’t enough. You need to be a catalyst of and participant in conversations.
  4. Strokes some egos. People aren’t on social media for others. They are in it for themselves. They like putting themselves out there. They like when people Tweet them, tag them in a Facebook post, or post something on their wall. It’s all ego candy. But when I say to stroke some egos, please don’t take that as a license to raid their photo albums and comment on photos posted years ago. Instead, feed their egos by keeping your focus on helping them and giving them public credit for any help they’ve given you. They probably wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t help or publically thank them. But they certainly would appreciate it if you did.

John McCarthy
Managing Editor, Leads4Insurance.com


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