3-Step System For Driving Your Financial Planning Profits In The Next 12 Months

Are you ready to skyrocket your financial planning / college planning sales in the coming year?

You may be content with where you are.  You may have reached a mediocre level of success and want nothing more than to maintain it. Your sales aren’t falling, but they aren’t getting any better, either.

Then you can quit reading, mail in another month of flat sales, and take your nightly seat on the couch.

But if you are serious, if you are willing to do everything you possibly can to make the next 12 months a monstrously successful year – then keep reading.

The information I am about to share with you is for serious players only.

You may already have a plan in place. Keep reading anyway. This info might give you some additional ideas to tighten your plan up.

And if you haven’t yet put a plan together, this little 3-step system will help you a ton.

Step #1: Get your goals for the next 12 months in writing.

Here are a few questions to get you started…

  • How much revenue do I want to generate?
  • What kind of net profit percentage do I want?
  • How much time off do I want to take for personal days?
  • How many hours per week do I want to work?
  • What is the optimal revenue goal I’m shooting for each month?

Be specific with your answers.

Step #2: Put together a plan – again, in writing – that will give you the best chance to reach your goals. 

Here are some questions to help you piece your plan together…

  • How many workshops do I need to run each month?
  • How many front end fee sales do I need to make?
  • How many new sales do I need to make?
  • What is the average case size I need to hit?
  • How am I going drive attendees to each workshop?
  • What areas of my business need the most improvement?
  • How much practice time will I need each week to improve my big moneymaking skills?
  • What kind of coaching and training am I going to commit to?
  • Which live training am I attending?

The list goes on….

Also, included in this step is to actually book all your workshop locations and dates.

The point is, this step isn’t just to visualize being successful, but to also visualize what you have to do to be successful.

Step #3: Adjust on the fly.

This last step will continue throughout the year. Your 12-month plan should be a living and breathing thing.

While your goals will stay the same, how you achieve those goals will need to be closely monitored. Chances are they will need an adjustment at some point but don’t let that discourage you.

In fact, you have every reason to feel the opposite way. Enhanced preparation makes you more qualified for crunch-time decisions. Look at any crunch-time NFL quarterback. Look at any clutch professional golfer.

They don’t know how they’ll win every game, but the extent to which he prepares allows him to make crucial adjustments needed down to stretch that seal and steal victories.

Just don’t be too stubborn to call an audible.

Good luck.


Brian J. Kay
Executive Director, Leads4Insurance.com


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