3 Powerful Insurance Prospecting Methods

3 Powerful Insurance Prospecting Methods

Without prospects something terrible happens – “nothing!’ Without a steady stream of leads, good advisors like you can’t prosper.  Here are three insurance prospecting marketing methods to implement immediately that will generate more leads for your insurance or financial planning practice.
#1 Present seminars.

First off, why are seminars a good insurance prospecting tool?

  1. It increases awareness of your services and products.
  2. It shows your expertise on the subject matter.
  3. It establishes you as a spokesperson in your field.
  4. It provides you with name recognition.
  5. It sets you up as a consultant on the subject matter (and not a salesman).

There are 2 types of seminars you can run:

  1. One that you self-promote (which will cost you money out of your pocket up front).
  2. Or a seminar hosted by someone else.

If your funds are limited, then getting someone else to host the event might be the best route. To set up a seminar someone else hosts you need to identify an organization that would benefit from your seminar topic.  Some of the best places to look for these types of groups are your local chamber of commerce, your local library, your local bookstores, and any local colleges.  Inquire about any speaking opportunities.

The pro side of promoting your own seminars is that you are in control of the event. Where it is held, how long it lasts, the topic matter covered, and whom you invite.  Plus, if the seminar makes money, you get to keep it all.

#2 Be a guest on TV and radio talk shows.

Fifteen minutes of fame can last you an entire career. That is how powerful media appearances can be. Your prospects take enormous stock in what comes through their television and radio.

Here are some quick tips to land a show.

If what you have to offer the show can satisfy its content needs, then you’ve got a shot to be a guest. Every show has the following needs:

  1. Filling an audience need.
  2. Solving a problem.
  3. Entertaining the audience.
  4. Telling them something they didn’t know.
  5. Appealing to their target audience with appropriate subject matter.

The media cares way more about their needs then they do yours.

How do you find out which talk shows take what subject?

  1. Watch or listen to different shows.
  2. Buy a directory that identifies shows or rent lists specific to your needs.

Once you have identified some potential shows to guest on, find out who is in charge of booking guests. Then contact them with ideas. And put that key booking person on your list. What list you ask? Your all-important email list.  Here’s how to get one.

#3 Build an email list.

There is no easier or cheaper way to build an ongoing relationship with people then through e-relationships.  All this requires is a basic broadcast email service such as aweber, mailchimp, or icontact. All three are cheap and easy to use.

Any prospect, client, or person you come in contact with that can help you build your business should be put on that list (with their permission of course).

Then send your list compelling emails every so often which could be once per week or 2-3 times per week. It almost doesn’t matter how often you send as long as it’s good content.

What constitutes good content? Anything that your list members would find interesting or useful.

Here are a few great topics to use in your emails:

  1. Send great articles, videos, or reports from major media outlets like Wall Street Journal, USA Today, or CNBC, that support your company and its message.
  2. Write an email on some common problem your clients have had and how it was solved. In other words, send success stories.
  3. Send tips on solving problems. Like this article about insurance prospecting marketing methods you are reading right now.

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