Are You Making This 1st Appointment Mistake?

How do you position your body during a 1st appointment?
Do you lean in towards the prospect?
Do you lean back?
Are straight up and down?
Why does this even matter?

It matters because non-verbal cues like body positioning have a big affect on how you communicate.

I just read a great book on this topic put out by the Toastmasters International describing in detail how important this idea is.  It states;

“Despite what it may be politically correct to believe, when we meet people for the first time we quickly make judgements about their friendliness, dominance and potential as a sexual partner – and their eyes are not the first place we look.

Most researchers now agree that words are used primarily for conveying information, while body language is used for negotiating interpersonal attitudes and in some cases is used as a substitute for verbal messages. For example, a woman can give a man a ‘look to kill’ and will convey a very clear message to him without opening her mouth.

Regardless of culture, words and movements occur together with such predictability that Birdwhistell was the first to claim that a well-trained person should be able to tell what movement a person is making by listening to their voice. Birdwhistell even learned how to tell what language a person was speaking, simply by watching their gestures.

Many people find difficulty in accepting that humans are still biologically animals. We are a species of primate — Homo sapiens — a hairless ape that has learned to walk on two limbs and has a clever, advanced brain. But like any other species, we are still dominated by biological rules that control our actions, reactions, body language and gestures. The fascinating thing is that the human animal is rarely aware that its postures, movements and gestures can tell one story while its voice may be telling another.”

That is some pretty heavy stuff.  But in my experience it is true.  And in order to maximize your persuasion abilities you need to use non-verbal cues effectively in all your meetings, but especially your 1st appointments.
Here is how to implement top-producer body posture quickly and easily.

First off, in your 1st appointment with a prospect, lean back in your chair.  It is as simple as that. Leave your note pad and pen on the table in front of you but make sure you lean back. This sends a message that you are in control, calm, and not a threat.

This is in stark contrast to leaning in towards the prospect. By leaning towards your prospect you are giving off a non-verbal message that you are eager, possibly desperate, and on the attack.

I know this might sound ridiculous.  But trust me it’s not.

It wasn’t that long ago that movies in this country had no sound. Think about that.  The entire movie industry was based on non-verbal cues.  Our brains are hardwired for this stuff.

Make sure you are using it to your advantage.
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