10 Tips for Staying Positive When the Leads are Slow

I write a lot about becoming successful and managing success. This time, the subject is about coping with slow spells.

Let’s face it: Everybody gets stuck in a rut once in a while. It’s natural and expected.

Staying positive during tough times is the best way to turn it around. Our attitude dictates our thoughts. And our thoughts dictate our actions.

But staying positive can be a tough job is in itself. So here are 10 ways – some serious, some fun – to stay positive when prospects and clients aren’t biting and leads are hard to find.

1. Perform an internal audit. Try to find out reasons why clients aren’t biting and what changes you can make to turn it around. If you discover that you are making mistakes, allow yourself to admit it. Accept criticism and use it as an opportunity to make positive changes.

2. Study previous successes. If you have had successful runs in the past, you know you were doing things right at one point. Compare what you are doing now during your dry spell with what you were doing during a hot streak. Don’t be afraid to simplify your approach and focus on core skills that can sometimes be neglected over time.

3. Talk with clients that you have a good relationship with. Just talking with a client with whom you have a good professional relationship can remind you of what you did to make them such a good client.

4. Get outside. The glare of a computer screen. The hum of overhead lights. The stale, dry air in an office. It’s raising my blood pressure thinking about it! Leave your office for the morning or afternoon if you can afford to do so. Your body’s movement plus the fresh air – even if it’s very hot or too cold outside – will get your blood moving and get creative juices flowing when you climb back in your chair.

5. Get off the grid. Smartphones are convenient, and they’ve made our work easier and more portable. But they’ve also made a “day job” an “all day job.” Unplug yourself. Turn off your phones and tablets for a while.

6. Tackle an unrelated challenge. Success begets other successes, even if they are unrelated. So a different and roundabout way to get out of a slump is to kick butt at something else and carry that momentum into your business. Examples include household projects, exercise milestone, whatever you can think of that will give you a hard-fought win.

7. Know that even your competitors experienced slumps. Maybe your competitors are successful, but they aren’t perfect. They’ve had their share of trials and errors. They are human – just like you, just like everyone.

8. Talk to fellow business owners. People in our industry know more than anybody else what you are going through. Talk with them to get tips on how they stayed positive and what they did to get back on track. However…

9. Stay away from pessimists and cynics. There are a lot of cynical people out there. Stay away from them. Pessimism is poison. Avoid all of its forms and sources.

10. Laugh at yourself. You know when you ask yourself “How can things get any worse?” and then the universe answers that question? Admit it, it’s kind of funny. Having thick skin and a sense of humor are critical skills to staying positive.

Be valuable.

John McCarthy
Managing Editor, Leads4Insurance.com

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