10 Sure-Fire Steps To Making A Six Or Seven-Figure Income In Your Business…


I’m going to reveal 10 sure-fire steps that anyone can use…

To Make A Six Or Seven-Figure Income Selling Insurance In the Next 12 Months!

But, before I begin, I must warn you – failure to diligently follow any of these steps could prevent you from attaining the success you want to achieve in your life.

Please read this issue with an open mind. Then immediately after reading it, I want you to take immediate and massive action to incorporate these selling insurance ideas into your life.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 sure-fire steps for success…

Step #1 – Become An Avid Reader.

I know a lot of you are probably saying “But Brian, I don’t have time to read books. I’m so damn busy selling insurance, taking care of my family, etc.”

If this describes you, my response is “Make time for it!”

A veteran top producer in the insurance industry once said, “Most advisors are too busy selling insurance to make any real money!”

There are only 2 ways to learn new things. One is through your own experience. The other more effective way is through other people’s experiences.

Learning things on your own through “trial and error” is very costly and time consuming.

There are very few things that you will ever do that haven’t already been done before. So why waste your valuable time and money “reinventing the wheel”.

Buy good books from bona fide experts in the subject areas you want to learn and start reading them.

Spend some time in the sales and marketing section of a good bookstore like “Barnes & Noble” and browse for a while. I GUARANTEE you will find some great new books to read.

I recommend you devote 1 full hour a day to reading. The benefits will be enormous.

Step #2 – Subscribe To Good Newsletters.

I personally subscribe to over a dozen high priced (over $100) newsletters a year written by true experts who are “doing” what they teach others how to do.

I recommend that you subscribe to marketing newsletter to keep up-to-date on hot new techniques and ideas for your business.

There’s nothing better than getting fresh new ideas and perspectives once a month from experts in their field.

Most good newsletters offer money-back guarantees, so if they don’t live up to what they promise, you can get your money-back.

So as soon as you put this newsletter down, find some other good newsletters to subscribe to – I promise it will be worth the investment…

Step #3 – Attend Boot camps And Seminars.

There is no better way that I know of to learn a skill than attending a seminar or boot camp by a successful business expert.

I personally spend well over $10,000 a year going to high-priced boot camps and seminars offered by people I respect in the marketing and financial aid industry.

I can honestly say I have always made, at least, 10 times my investment in these seminars back within 1 – 3 months after attending.

In addition to the incredible information being shared, you also have the opportunity to network with other success-minded people in your industry.

I conservatively estimate that attending these seminars and boot camps has easily put an extra $100,000 in my pocket a year!

If you don’t attend seminars or boot camps because “you can’t afford it” – you’re making a huge financial mistake!

Borrow the money if you have to – it’s the best possible investment you will ever make in yourself or your business. Period.

Step #4 – Invest In Audio, Video And Written Training Manuals From Self-Made Entrepreneurs.

Let me start out by asking you a question…

“If someone spent 5 or 10 years of their life and hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars perfecting a skill, would you be willing to pay them a modest fee to learn that skill?”

Well, if you’re answer is “No!”, then you’re a dumb bunny!

It makes no sense going out and trying to “reinvent the wheel” when someone else has already gone through great pain and sacrifice to learn that skill for you.

I always get a kick out of people who call me and say things like…

“Why Is Your Software So Expensive?”, or
“Why Is Your Seminar Kit So Expensive”, and so on…

This type of question alerts me to the fact that this person places absolutely no value on good synthesized information.

My usual response to these kinds of questions is…

“Do You Have Any Idea How Much It Would Cost You If You Went Out And Tried To Develop This On Your Own?”

Many people are “Penny Wise and Pound Foolish!”

They’re so busy trying to save themselves a couple of bucks that they end up costing themselves thousands of dollars.

Train yourself to think differently.

If someone spends the time and money to put something together that you need in your business, gladly pay them for it as long as it’s a good deal.

Don’t nickel and dime them or yourself – It will end up costing you a lot of money in the long run…

Step #5 – Have The Right Attitude.

The right attitude is that you will make your business work regardless of what obstacles are thrown in your way.

In business and in your personal life, there will always be problems that will arise.

Deal with these problems immediately, and don’t wonder “Why do bad things always happen to me?”

Bad things happen to everyone. But successful people handle bad things or problems differently from unsuccessful people.

They don’t assume it’s the end of the world or that it’s bad luck, they just deal with it and go on with their lives.

If you don’t have this attitude, work on it!

Step #6 – Learn From Your Mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. Few people correct them.

I think mistakes are excellent experiences as long as you learn from them.

When I make a mistake, I own up to it, and try never to make that mistake again.

Unfortunately, many people keep committing the same errors over and over again because they never took the time to sit down and learn from their mistakes.

Also, don’t focus your time worrying about the mistake. Instead spend 99% of your time thinking about a solution.

If you take this approach, you will grow immensely in your business and personal life.

Step #7 – Stop Blaming “Conditions” Or Making Excuses For Lack Of Success.

Everyone loves a good “scapegoat” to blame for their failures or lack of achievement.

However, if you really want to become successful, you have to own up to your shortcomings, and realize that your success or lack of it is totally 100% your responsibility!

I hear people telling me excuses like “It’s a slow time of the year. I think I’ll put more effort into this business in a couple of months”, or “I’m really busy right now, I don’t have the time to build this business”, or “I tried an ad (once) and it didn’t work!”

All of these lame excuses are justifications for not being more successful.

Stop Making Excuses And Start Making Things Happen…

Step #8 – Find Good Mentors.

I owe a lot of my success to good mentors.

When I first got started in business, I went and sought out people who had already achieved what I wanted to achieve and asked them for their help and guidance.

In some cases, I offered to pay for their time. But, in most cases, these people were so flattered that I acknowledged their success, they were more than happy to share some of their wisdom with me.

In some cases, they would allow me to tape record my conversations with them over the phone. In other cases, they would allow me to take them out to lunch.

Find these people. Flatter them and don’t let your ego get in the way. Pay them the respect they deserve, and don’t try to prove how smart you are.

Just sit back, ask lots of good questions and listen intently to what they have to say.

If you don’t already have several mentors in your life, go out and find great people to model yourself after. Believe me, it will be well worth the effort.

Step #9 – Delegate.

In the beginning, it’s O.K. to do everything yourself.

But if you want to grow your business – you better learn how to delegate.

For example, many of you do your own telemarketing. You personally address, lick, and stamp your postcards and envelopes.

What a complete waste of your valuable time!

In effect, you are doing $5 or $6 an hour work instead of doing $150 an hour work.

Your time should be spent doing only those things that you can’t pay someone else to do.

In my opinion, 90% of your time should be spent meeting with prospects and customers – not doing administrative busy work!

Step #10 – Have Fun!

This is going to sound kind of corny, but you’ve got to enjoy what you’re doing or you shouldn’t be doing it.

There are lots of ways to make money out there, so why not pick something you love.

You also spend more time working than any other activity in your life – so why not enjoy the time you spend at work?

I can also tell you that every millionaire I’ve ever met, and I know quite a few, all love what they do!

They don’t think of it as work, they actually consider it more enjoyable than many other leisure activities or sports.

That’s the way I feel about what I do, and you should too.

Well, there you have it. Follow these 10 steps and I GUARANTEE you will see tangible, immediate results in your business and personal life.


Yours In Success,
Brian Kay
, Executive Director
Leads 4 Insurance


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